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    Calling all Kingdom Hearts Fans?

    Anyone out there remember the Kingdom Hearts games? I played them religiously growing up. I had KH 1 and 2, Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and 358/2 Days. I havent kept up after that but I know they have come out with others in the series. Anyone else out there a fan of these games?
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    Question: Anyone Have Experience With Preemies?

    Was looking through my Facebook notifications the other day and noticed a lot of my friends are having babies so far this year. And a good handfull of them have been preemies. My own son, Kayden was a preemie too. Because of serious preclampsia when I was only half way through the pregnancy, I...
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    Any WWE Fans Out There

    Hubby and I are big WWE fans. We watch matches on Hulu and it is one of the things we look forward to at night once the kiddo goes to bed. We have our favorite faces like Daniel Bryan, Big E, Undertaker, Cena, and The Rhodes Brothers. And we have the heels we love to hate like The SHIELD, Paul...
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    Gardening Gurus

    Any gardening fans out there? Whether you grow flowers or veggies, or have the perfectly manicured lawn, I thought there should be a place for us to chat about all things gardening related. I have always loved plants and gardening, so much that I went to national competitions when I was in 4H...
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    Question: Where Are the Dr Who Fans?

    Does not matter if you liked Dr One or Dr Twelve, if you are or ever were a Dr Who fan, I want to hear from you! I started late- Tennant was my first Doctor, but my hubby has been watching for years and his first Doctor was the Fourth. We love watching it together and it has become one of our...
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    Netflix DVD vs Netflix Stream

    Several years ago when I first found Netflix I got the DVDs sent to my house. I was able to watch one of my favorite TV shows- Will and Grace. But then they changed things where we had to pay for DVDs and streaming sperately. So I dropped the DVD option, and was sad to find that the streaming...
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    Let's Ask America

    I have seen the show and find it to be quite interesting. I often wonder though who they polled for the questions because some of them seem kinda off to me. But anyways, I was wondering what you all think about the show!?!?!
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    Hulu Original Shows on the Roku

    I keep seeking ads and hearing about the Hulu exclusive shows and movies that Roku offers. Some sound interesting and others seem a bit odd, but I am intrigued. I was wondering if anyone has watched these shows and what your thoughts are. Care to share suggestions on what to watch and what to...
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    WWE Network Through Roku

    Is anyone else as pumped as I am about WWE offering their new network through Roku? Just $9.99 a month and you get access to all of the past years videos and matches! Also you get all 12 live pay-per view matches! I just got signed up and cannot wait to watch Wrestlemania live for the first...