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    HBO GO, Watch ESPN on Apple TV

    It seems that from today HBO GO, WatchESPN, Sky News Crunchyroll and Quello are available on the Apple TV 2 and 3. :D A few more offers, that make an Apple TV even more interesting. Of course, content availability is still country dependent. More here: HBO GO & WatchESPN Come to Apple TV |...
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    Redbox instant on Roku ... soon

    Its always good news to be able to have more options: Redbox Instant is coming to Roku — Tech News and Analysis
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    Apple TV as a Game Console

    It seems Apple intends to move into the Games Console playground: The Surest Sign Yet That Apple TV Will Be a Gaming Console I wont complain ;)
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    Slingbox is finally getting the Aereo treatment

    Nice article on why broadcasters treatment of Aereo and Slingbox was different up to now, here: :) Why Slingbox Is Finally Getting the Aereo Treatment | Variety
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    CW app on Apple TV 2 and 3

    After the promise of HBO GO, by middle 2013, now it seems Apple TV 2 and 3 will get also CW. :) Its not clear exactly when. More here: Apple's Gets CW On Apple TV - Business Insider
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    New Roku Firmware

    Roku released firmware V5, for all Roku 2 boxes. ;) Those interested, can made the update right away and get the same menus available on Roku 3. More here: Roku's second gen players can get their grid menu update now
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    Aereo in Boston

    After the rollout to greater NY, Aereo begins its expansion to Boston. For Aereo this is a new market with more than 4.5 million potential customers. More info here: Aereo Brings Free Over-The-Air TV And Cloud DVR To Boston May 15 | TechCrunch
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    Netflix and puppet viewers ?

    Really nice article on what Netfilx may be doing (or not): How Netflix is turning viewers into puppets -
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    market disruption ...

    Hi! :) Found this really nice article about diferent types of market disruption: Editorial: Apple's market disruption savvy is bad news for Android
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    Unlocking things ...

    Found this really nice article on this matter: :) Forget the Cellphone Fight — We Should Be Allowed to Unlock Everything We Own | Wired Opinion |
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    Times are changing ?

    At least, thats the hint from HBO executive leadership at Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere earlier this week: :) HBO chief hints at bundling HBO Go streaming with broadband | VentureBeat
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    A mess ?

    Acording to this (really nice) article, confusion reigns supreme with streaming services. Also, consumers are the losers. Here: Confusion Reigns Supreme with Online Movie and TV Streaming Services. Consumers are the losers. | Serendipity 2013
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    Roku 3

    Ladies and gentleman, the new Roku 3: :) Roku News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo
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    Airplay on Roku ?

    News about Airplay on Roku and a new model, Here: :) Roku is getting AirPlay-like wireless video mirroring with Miracast — Tech News and Analysis
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    While we wait ...

    While we wait for court decisions, regarding Aereo or Dish, just found this article, about what broadcasters should do: :) Broadcasters: Start Embracing (and Stop Suing) Innovation - Forbes
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    Aereo expands NY coverage

    Aereo now covers some 19 million people around NY. :) More here: Aereo expands cloud-based TV service to NYC metro area | Internet & Media - CNET News
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    Netflix most watched program ...

    Netflix says "House of Cards" is its most watched program. I'm one of those watchers, and im really enjoying it. :) More here: Netflix Says "House of Cards" Is Its Most-Watched Program - Ina Fried - Dive Into Media - AllThingsD
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    HBO GO enables Airply

    HBO GO enables Airplay on iOS apps. :) Also a native Apple TV app is expected before summer. More here: HBO Go Comes to Apple TV via AirPlay, Native App Soon - IGN
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    Apple TV with more content ?

    It seems Apple is now negotiating with Time Warner to make HBO GO available on the Apple TV. :) If HBO GO arrives by mid 2013, its another selling point for the Aplle TV. More here: HBO Go on Apple TV? It could arrive this year — Tech News and Analysis
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    A smaller Apple TV ?

    It seems so, acordind to a FCC filling. :) More here: Apple tv News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo