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    Black Friday Specials

    Rumor has it that Walmart will be selling the 1080I HDTV's for under $500 today. grab them and growl folks. This is the last technological upgrade you will need for a while.
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    Time warner Black Friday Specials

    Seeing as every other company is offering sales today, I wonder if the cable companies are going to offer special one day only deals. A one day deal sounds pretty desperate if you ask me.
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    Best American Made Audio Electronics

    I'm planning on making sure that everything I buy from now on is made here in American by American businesses. I'm sick and tired of seeing foreign made products on our shelves when the people around me don't have jobs. So my question is this, what is the best American made electronics company...
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    Some Advice

    I realize that money is tight and you want to spend the least possible but hear me out. With the current economic crisis, scientific development will be slowing down majorly for the next few years. Right now the best consumer televisions you can invest in for a reasonable price as well as a...
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    How do you think the cable networks are going to handle the growing FIOS TV market. At this point I don't see the free market doing what it should and that is to cause prices to lower. Both type of television seem to be keeping their prices high and in fact prices are higher than ever.
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    Other than watching TV, what do you do in your spare time to occupy yourself? I am an avid computer gamer and a voracious writer.
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    I think 24 is just a show to get the American public used to the idea of torture. Personally I'd like to see this agent tried as a criminal and given life in prison.
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    Better and Better

    this series is just getting better and better as the plot lines thicken over time. I really can't say much without creating a spoiler so I want, all I can say it " man is it getting exciting. "
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    I'm tired of trying to get my converter box to get a clear signal without breakups and signal outages. Perhaps we need to sue to keep the analog signals from disappearing.
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    Latest You can Get

    What is the latest you can apply for the converter box coupons? When is the cutoff date and when do you have to have them used?
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    A Love From The Past

    The brother from the future meets a love from his past...err future....what the hack ever...this is difficult to talk about in the time traveling story. lol i wonder what this love of his is all about? Why did she come to the past?
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    New Shows Are Back

    The networks are starting to show new season shows again this week. YAY. I get so bored watching the same crap I watched jsut a few weeks ago. Quit breaking up the season!
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    What Do You Want

    What is it you want in internet television? Me, I want to be able to tune in to any station and watch it live if I want to. This includes cable stations and even movie channels. These networks should move to an advertising supported medium that has worked since the industry started. I also think...
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    The Future Of Television

    With the trend toward cheap shows that put more money in the producers pocket, I feel that American TV is going down the pun intended here folks. I remember the big spending shows like Stargate and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. Not to mention the failed Surface, and...
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    Remember When

    Remember when the networks used to show the whole season and then go back and show it over again. Now they break it up in to 4 week chunks. This ************es me off something fierce. I'm not going to sit and watch the same crap over again so I forget much of what was going on in some shows...
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    The Deal With The Sound

    I installed my mother a digital tv reception box and finally got it working right with the image and even the sound or so I thought. Now sometimes in movies or tv shows, like when there is a gun shot or something it is much louder than the rest of the show. This is rather unacceptable to me...
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    Comcast Internet Problems

    My girlfriend out in Utah is having problems with her Comcast internet and online gaming. And these jerks want to charge her to talk to her over the phone to handle a problem that is on their end. They just recently did some overhauling of the network out there and now he is getting lag issues...
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    11th hour

    Any word on this show yet? I have no had a chance to see if its already been on and I just missed it or if it got axed before the season because some reality show needed a spot. Yuck. hate reality TV!
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    Ghost Whisper Season Opener

    It was as good as I hoped and better than I expected. So many series get stale after a couple of years but CBS has managed to keep this one fresh and interesting considering the subject matter at hand.
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    Dolby Vs. THX

    I've seen a lot of discussion over the time about the quality of Dolby vs. THX. I personally think THX has more spatial separation in its delivery in a surround sound setup, but that is just an opinion. What do you guys think?