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    Do you think there will ever be a spinoff of this show. If so, what do you think would be the best character to spinoff.
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    Kelly Pickler

    Has anyone seen her new commercial. It is for this hair care product and she is all made up. She looks super hot.
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    Hi everyone

    My name is Rob, I live In Ohio nad I am TV addict. I love American Idol and also Bones and Lost as well.
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    Is this show better than the Simpsons

    My friend and I were arguing about this yesterday. He thinks it is better than the Simpsons. I told him her was crazy.
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    Worst winner

    Who do you think is the worst winner of all time. My vote goes to Ruben Studard, he is a dud.
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    Paula Should go

    How many people agree with me. I hate her and I think she is bad for the show,it would be better if she were gone.