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    Play Misty For Me

    Of all the Clint Eastwood movies online, this is the most difficult to find. Like the Spencer Tracy film The Mountain, you'll only find it on paid sites. Too bad I only saw a part of that movie and then the streaming suddenly stopped and I was asked to register in order to finish watching...
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    Attack Software

    An attack program called Low Orbit Ion Cannon or LOIC can be used to attack websites as a form of protest. It succeeded in shutting down the Mastercard and Visa websites last week but failed on the better defended Amazon and Paypal sites. WikiLeaks hactivists look to improve attack software -...
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    Atari Gaming Console

    This was the first gaming console that I came to play with. It also had a keyboard that would allow you to study and perform BASIC Programming.
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    NBA: Miami Heat Anyone?

    They have just break the barrier and registered their first fifth straight win of the season. They are slowly coming around and Chris Bosh emerges as the most important player of the team. He is like the glue guy who keeps the team together in the face of any adversities they have faced so far.
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    NBA Eastern Finals 2010 - Orlando vs. Boston

    This is one heck of a series. Boston is healthy and is playing superb basketball as can be seen when they eliminated the Cavs and Lebron. Orlando, on the other hand, is in good form having defeated their two previous opponents is shutout fashions. Now, who do you pick? I picked Boston when...