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  1. bunny22

    Vidcon, Playlist Live, and other YouTuber conventions

    The fifth annual VidCon was held this past week in Anaheim, California. The event was originally conceived by the VlogBrothers (John and Hank Green, one of whom is also a well known YA fiction writer who wrote The Fault in Our Stars). Another annual convention, Playlist Live, was held in...
  2. bunny22

    Are you, or would you become, a vlogger?

    I've been toying with the idea of video blogging lately. But I'm also paranoid, and afraid to put myself out there, because somehow being a vlogger seems much more of a risk than posting written things online. I have posted a few videos online but Jennine Matthias, who is a fairly recent...
  3. bunny22

    The Real Housewives shows are now exlusively streaming on Hulu

    Many of Bravo's Real Housewives shows - of Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills, etc. - have been added to Hulu recently. I don't personally watch these shows, but I think it's interesting that Hulu has them available. I do like a couple of the women from other things I've seen them on: I think...
  4. bunny22

    What do you do when you miss an episode?

    I try to be sure and watch episodes of my shows before they "expire" from Hulu, but sometimes I just can't. Some shows are only up for a week, and gone, and I do have work and a life outside TV. It's far more frustrating than when they remove a whole series from a service, because I know I can...
  5. bunny22

    Will streaming boxes ever become obsolete tech?

    I recently read an article that suggested dedicated e-readers will go the way of the iPod / mp3 player - that is, they will be mostly replaced by people doing everything on their phones/tablets. They say people don't buy the single-use devices as much. They still use music and ebooks, they just...
  6. bunny22

    What shows are too "scary" to watch at night?

    Are there any shows that are too "scary" (or perhaps just too stressful!) for you to watch at night? I know I try to watch certain things - American Horror Story Asylum, for instance - in the daytime and/or when other people are in the house. Even if I'm not really frightened by the shows or...
  7. bunny22

    Comic book adaptions of TV shows

    Does anyone read comic adaptions or continuations of TV shows? It seems like more and more cancelled series are having new "seasons" of stories by publishing comics instead. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Charmed, and Smallville have all done it. It seems like an especially...
  8. bunny22

    Novelizations of TV shows

    Do you read novelizations of TV shows (that is, books of TV shows where the book did NOT come first)? I used to read some of the Alias books (based on the series that starred Jennifer Garner - I clarify since I think there are multiple series that have used the title Alias, or similar).
  9. bunny22

    Any Rookie Blue fans? Thoughts on the new season?

    I've been watching Rookie Blue for a while. (I actually find it hard to believe it's on season 5, it doesn't seem like that long!) I kind of consider it the "Grey's Anatomy" of cop shows, with as much or more emphasis on the personal lives of the characters as on the crimes. I love that...
  10. bunny22

    Shows that don't hold up well to your nostalgia

    I was recently re-watching some of the older James Bond movies. While they are great in some aspects, there are other things that don't hold up as well over time, in my opinion. There are certain things that are funny, but I don't think were intended to be funny. And the treatment of women and...
  11. bunny22

    Favorite - and least favorite - British / PBS mysteries?

    Does anyone else watch any of the many British mysteries on PBS? (usually as part of "Masterpiece Mystery!" ... but if there are any others feel free to discuss them also.) Lots of these are also on various streaming services. I have some family members who are obsessed with them, so I have...
  12. bunny22

    Last Tango in Halifax season 2

    Last Tango in Halifax season 2 started last night on PBS. It's about an older couple -- who had crushes on each other as teenagers (but have not seen each other since) and rekindle their romance after many years -- and their families. I haven't finished the first season yet - been watching it...
  13. bunny22

    Vicious finally on PBS!

    Britcom Vicious, starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as a long-time couple, started airing last night on PBS. Iwan Rheon (from Game of Thrones and Misfits) is also featured as their neighbor. While it's been a while since the first season aired in the UK, it hasn't been available (legally) in...
  14. bunny22

    Orphan Black

    Just started watching Orphan Black, and I'm wondering how it took me this long! Tatiana Maslany is very impressive, simultaneously playing so many characters with different personalities... and especially different accents (like playing a Brit who was raised in America faking an American...
  15. bunny22

    Deja vu - Jillian Michaels to leave Biggest Loser

    Jillian Michaels is supposedly leaving The Biggest Loser - yet again. She's already left and come back at least twice before. It's starting to be a case of the trainer who called wolf, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she comes back in a season or two. Does anyone really believe her or...
  16. bunny22

    WSJ article "The Shawshank Residuals"

    Interesting WSJ article on residuals and the finances of the film industry: For all the talk about the ways streaming and piracy is a danger to the movie biz, it's kind of surprising to think about what one movie can make over...
  17. bunny22

    Netflix doesn't show all genres on all devices - censorship or laziness?

    I have a Nook, and I like watching Netflix on it in bed since it's much lighter than my computer. But something that consistently annoys me is that the experience is not consistent across devices (even though it's running Android, my Nook runs a special version of Netflix from B&N's store that...
  18. bunny22

    Adults Watching "Kids" Shows

    There's been a bit of a controversy online this week, where some people who have criticized YA (young adult, or teen) literature and movies (such as The Fault in Our Stars, which the film version of just came out) and others have leaped to its defense. There are also some shows/books/movies...
  19. bunny22

    YouTube on Roku - Problems playing some videos?

    I'm using the official YouTube channel on the Roku (which as only been available for a few weeks on my model). When I go to play some videos, the "loading" circle just spins and spins, but the video never plays. I've found a workaround, to go to the video before or after, and "skip" ahead to the...
  20. bunny22

    What shows do you judge people for watching?

    Everyone probably has a few shows they watch, that are guilty pleasures they'd rather not admit they watch. But there are so many "bad" shows that are popular despite (or perhaps because?) everyone mocks them. Which shows do you judge other people for watching?