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  1. 1inxs

    Ohio Rollercoaster

    Has anyone had the pleasure of riding on this Ohio rollercoaster? This one looks outrageous. Top Thrill Dragster, Roller Coasters, All the Rides, Cedar Point
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    Blues review on MHZ TV

    Has anyone else caught the Blues Legends Review on MHZ TV? If you enjoy the Blues music, this one is for you. I meant to post this early this morning, but got sidetracked. Blues Legends Review ? Six Generations of Mississippi Blues
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    Record streaming video from intenet TV

    There are a lot of people interested in recording programs viewed on Internet TV. Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. is one of my favorites. Hulu and other online services stream their programming in real time, which makes it difficult to record. I discovered some software that may...
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    Alignment of Time and Date numbers

    Did you miss it? It just happened again. It was gone in the blink of an eye.The alignment of the time and date. The numbers 456789. The time and date was 04:05:06 07/08/09. Was today your lucky day?? :cool: I thought it was cool.
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    ARRL Field Day 2009

    I know we have a few Hams on the DTVUSA Forum. Did any of you participate in the ARRL Field Day this weekend? And we all think it's tough receiving a DTV signal from 45 plus miles across the earths surface. Some of the Amateur Radio stations go all out in this competition. Bouncing their signal...
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    Farrah Fawcett marathon

    THIS TV is going to have an all day Farrah Fawcett marathon on Tuesday June 30, 2009. I just thought this was worth mentioning.
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    Amazing success story of OTA DTV reception

    We get to read a lot of stories here in the DTVUSA Forum regarding the failures of OTA DTV , especially since the transition date of June 12, 2009. I want to post my amazing success story of OTA DTV reception and invite others to post their success stories in this thread. I pick up 19 crystal...
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    HDCreate HD Programming

    Since the DTV transition I've noticed the PBS affiliate has bumped its signal output. Prior to the transition the signal faded in and out, which made for some irritating viewing. Tonight on HDCreate I watched Nature. Nature is a PBS series. It was excellent. It was all about sea turtles, whales...
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    Obama wounds PETA relationship

    While interviewing in the White House on Tuesday with CNBC correspondent John Harwood, President Obama takes a swat at PETA. A pesky fly interrupted the interview for just a moment when Obama swatted the fly, killing it and brushing it to the floor. The CNBC interview continued from there. PETA...
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    Are we lost in Space

    Is this The Twilight Zone? Are we moving to The Outer Limits? Is the Obama administration going One Step Beyond? The Obama administration is considering ways to shrink the US economy. Is this a return of the failed Urban Renewal policies of past administrations? The US economy success depends...
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    Advertisements in Letterbox

    Here's something new I've never seen before. During a SD broadcast where the picture has sidebars due to Letterboxing. There are advertisements for Comcast cable in the sidebar. Here I have included some pictures
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    How to locate local TV broadcast towers (Please read before posting)

    The following links will help you find broadcast tower locations and station information. They are also useful in choosing the correct antenna for your location. TV Fool Address <---AntennaWeb RabbitEars.Info - Antenna Locator The information listed in these websites is not...
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    Testing tvfool and antennaweb for accuracy

    I thought I'd start a thread to test for the accuracy of websites like TV Fool AntennaWeb - Antenna Locator I have learned from other posts some of these websites are all volunteer. Hopefully we will help with the accuracy through information users will post in this forum. My...
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    Get your Carbon Offset Certificates here

    I just thought I'd start a Green Thread:D I'm going to post and lurk behind the scenes to see where it goes:thumb: Thank You Al Gore me Carbon offset - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Notice Your Carbon Offset Tip of the Day Carbon Offset Certificates Here a funny one Buy Carbon Offsets I...
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    Win a Conjugal Visit with Drew Contest

    If this guy is guilty, I sure hope they can convict him. Drew wants to know if you are looking for some prison sex with an accused murderer? Is there really a "Win a Conjugal Visit with Drew Contest?" National Ledger - Drew Peterson Looks for Love: Win a Conjugal Visit with Drew Contest
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    Tyson's daughter, 4, dies day after accident

    This guy has had a tough haul in life. My heart goes out to him and his family. PHOENIX (AP) - The 4-year-old daughter of boxer Mike Tyson died at a hospital on Tuesday, a day after her neck apparently got caught in a treadmill cord at her Phoenix home, police said. Mike Tyson left Las Vegas...
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    Don't get stuck with a junky converter box

    Do your homework before you buy a CECB. After you do your homework and decide to buy one, don't use the coupon on the initial purchase. First purchase without using your coupon and try the box out. If after all your homework and you like it after trying it, then you take it back to the retailer...
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    Grey's Anatomy season finale

    Spoiler Alert That was a wild finale to the season. Kind of sad they let Izzy die after gaining her memory. I kind of wish she had lived. George's ending was both freaky and sad:(
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    Tom Cruise look alike

    Did anyone think Mike was a Tom Cruise look alike on the Biggest Loser Finale?
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    Shows on HULU this Friday are commercial free

    Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. This Friday is commercial free day. Full feature movies as well as your favorite TV shows.:popcorn: