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    Skipping Commercials Option on Playon TV - It's not there!

    Occasionally, when I go to watch something I recorded, the option to skip the commercials doesn't even come up ... and there are commercials (which I can fast forward through, but the ad skipper is SO much easier). Anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix?
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    Can PlayOn record StarZ?

    Has ayone been able to record anything from starz by any means? i've tried it via windows IE and chrome, and through the windows app itself. Any update on when the fix will be released, playon staff? if it will be released? i had heard that starz discontinued support entirely for IE but that was...
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    How to set PlayOn to record while away from home?

    How can I setup recording while I am at work and also how could i watch shows on my phone while i am away from my home network? It would be great if there was an app to adjust PlayOn to record or set a schedule so that I didn't always have to do this from my computer.