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    Help needed with attic antenna selection

    I went out and got the UHF double loop out of the the antenna scrap pile. I put it up on the test stand, and took a photo. The antenna worked quite well. 300 watt UHF translators from over 30 miles away were no problem. The strong VHF signals in this area were down in indicated signal quality...
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    Question: Looking for recoomendation ofr an outdoor VHF/UHF antenna

    It's good to hear that the antenna is working for you. I can't offer much in the way of grounding advice. Just a simple drawing I keep on file. I should probably look around to see if I can find a better one than that.
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    Question: Need help with reception of a signal from Roanoke, VA.

    You really are doing a lot of things right which makes it more difficult to point out things that might help. You have no shortage of aluminum up there. Household electrical noise can be a real problem with low VHF signals. You might consider doing some noise snooping a portable AM radio tuned...
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    Do I need an amplifier, and what would you recommend?

    You can build a lot better 4 bay then that one. Here are a few links to look at. I really...
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    Question: Help upgrading my antenna in California Central Coast

    You can get the same results by clicking on the call sign on the TV Fool report. Maybe you already knew that. Playing with the maps on the TV Fool site can be helpful with the satellite view zoomed in and lines toward transmitters turned on.
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    DTV reception help needed.

    You really should not need more than one amplifier. Yes you need to mount and ground the antenna.
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    Newbie needs antenna help

    On the coax line use a simple grounding block. You should also ground the mast. Steve
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    Newbie needs antenna help

    You are correct about the Lava antenna while they sometimes work for a short period of time no one here is likely to recommend the Lava or any of the other similar antennas. Even the RCA rabbit ear antenna I posted the link to is not know to be well built, but I still recommend them as a basic...
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    My Antenna System

    I thought about editing the previous post and making it work, but I did want to leave the problems I have displayed. I'll try again. I could be all night before I get it right. /home/steve/Pictures/SAM_0027.JPG Nothing I've tried so far works.
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    A Very Simple Antenna

    As one who has a fascination with antennas and is always looking to try something new, simple, cheap, or free. I've built and tested many simple antenna designs, from pop cans, and coat hangers, to well designed 4 bay bow tie antennas. While almost any wire can work as an antenna in strong...
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    The often overlooked indoor antenna

    I've wanted to post this for sometime now. I'm well aware of all of the problems one faces when trying to use an indoor antenna. Sometimes one of the oldest designs can still be one of the best when there are VHF signals involved. There are locations where the simple rabbit ear loop combination...
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    Simple compact antenna

    I wanted a simple compact antenna for a good signal location with some very special needs. Low cost, bi-directional, VHF UHF, small, and easy to build. TV Fool I need some UHF gain for the low power translators and the VHF signals are strong enough to sneak in on about anything. What I've put...
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    Buyer Beware

    I first saw some of this in last years ads. Hot deals on TV models that didn't exist the rest of the year except for the left overs if they had any. Beware of TV bargains on Black Friday If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I not saying there are not good deals to be found. I've a bit...
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    This Can't Be Real

    I thought this was an interesting article I came across this morning. This Data On People Ending Their Internet Subscriptions Will Terrify Broadband Providers - Yahoo Finance Steve
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    Stellar Labs DTV Tuner/Recorder

    This one caught my attention a couple of weeks ago. I took a closer look today. Stellar Labs Digital Television Tuner / Recorder with HDMI and Component Output | DT-1200 (DT1200) | Stellar Labs If you check out the pdf manual on the page, and look at the document properties of the pdf you will...