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    College Football: This years most disappointing team

    Who is the most disappointing team in college football this season?
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    NFL: Most Iconic NFL stadiums

    Are there still iconic NFL stadiums? I would like to know which ones people think are the best.
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    College Football: Are conferences in football really worthwhile?

    With the craziness that goes along with determining a football champion in D1, are conferences really a good thing to have?
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    College Football: Independent Notre Dame

    Is being independent in college football still really worthwhile for Notre Dame? Or should they just buck up and join a conference (the majority of their games are now played against ACC teams)?
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    New Falcons Stadium

    Next season the Atlanta Falcons are supposed to unveil their state-of-the-art new stadium. Will it surpass the Cowboys stadium as the best in the NFL?
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    Is the College Football Playoff Really Better than the BCS?

    Ah playoffs. The great equalizer in everyone’s mind, that truly allows us to determine who the best is, who the true “champion” is. For years NCAA Division 1 football was pretty much the only sport to not have a playoff to determine the overall champion. Without a playoff, it was said to be a...
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    Tony Romo or Dak Prescott? Seriously?

    So the Dallas Cowboys are currently one of the best teams in the NFL. Good for them. It’s been quite a long time since they have enjoyed this type of hype. One of the main reasons behind their recent and current success is the play of rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot, who is proving to be...
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    NFL: SHould the preseason be eliminated? Or at least shortened?

    What do people think about eliminating the NFL in the preseason? Or at least shortening it to just 2 games?
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    College Football: How long untill the College Football Playoff expands?

    People hated the BCS. I really didn't. The playoff is supposed to be the answer. But how long until the playoff is expanded to include more teams? I think not very.
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    College Football: College football scheduling

    College football schedules are usually made years in advance of a season. How beneficial is this to the game? I think not at all. Is it really that hard to make a schedule as soon as the season is over?
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    College Football: Top 5 Venues In College Football

    What are peoples top 5 venues in college football? I haven't been to too many games so I would like to know your thoughts.
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    College Football: Should college football play more neutral site games?

    Should college football teams play more neutral-site games? Or is home and away the best way to go about a season?
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    Should The NFL Reform Its Marijuana Testing Policy?

    Ah the NFL, one of the most iconic institutions in America. It dominates American sports and is a part of pop culture, as well as being a culture all to itself. Howie Long, during his Hall Of Fame induction speech said that he believes football to be “America’s passion.” It’s very hard to argue...
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    Is Big Ten Football Back?

    For the first time in over 50 years, since 1960 to be exact, the Big Ten has four teams ranked in the AP Top 10. The Ohio State Buckeyes (2), Michigan Wolverines (4), Wisconsin Badgers (8), and the Nebraska Cornhuskers (10) are among college footballs elite this season. With all these teams in...
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    NFL: NFL Overtime

    Almost everyone, meaning sports news talking-heads, says that the NFL has a far superior form of overtime than college football. I disagree. I find the pro form of overtime to be boring, and it can end in a tie, which no one likes to see. Thoughts?
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    NFL: Why are the Bears the only team without cheerleaders?

    Seriously, why are the Bears the only professional team without cheerleaders? They would be way more exciting than actually watching the team. Seriously.
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    College Football: Preseason Rankings: Beneficial or Harmful?

    Every year before the college football season starts, fans get excited to see what ranking their favorite team has, hoping they're in the top 25 well before they even play a game. Is this good or bad for the game, as people are constantly wanting a better system to determine a championship. One...
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    NFL: Top draft picks not living up to the hype

    People in the sports world always talk about draft busts; players who just never live up to the hype. I'd like to know what current players people think will go down as busts. My top two are Jadeveon Clowney, as he has barely played and underperformed, and my next is Andrew Luck. While he has...
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    College Football: When will Notre Dame fire Brian Kelly?

    With the recent firing of defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder, which was Head Coach Brian Kelly said he would not do, it begs the question, when will Notre Dame fire its current Head Coach? They've made a trend out of being impatient with results, so I see it as the end of next season at the...
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    College Football’s Big Weekend

    Tonight starts off what is probably the most important weekend, as far as playoff implications go, for college football. This weekend fans of the college game get a very special treat, as the weekend features three matchups between Top Ten teams. It all starts tonight at 9 p.m. (EST) on ESPN...