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    Question: ID this antenna for me please

    First off let me say how impressed I am with all the responses to my question. Thank you all for the help! I did a tv fool report and resolved it down to my exact location, which is off-highway and up the side of a mountain (my camp in the woods). I currently have an old fashioned 12 foot long...
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    Question: ID this antenna for me please

    Hi, I am a new member. Can someone tell me what type of antenna this is and what channel range I could expect to receive? It is about 80" in length width 6" elements in the middle and about 16" on the fold out wings. Thanks.
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    I could use a recommendation from the x-perts...

    ...and you all know who you are:dance: I've been reading about a lot of rural DTV reception problems here and I guess location, topography, etc are the big factors so I am asking if anyone can take a look at my TV Fool report and make a recommendation as to what I can expect. Points of interest...
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    ID an old antenna please?

    Hello, This is my 1st post on the forum. If I need to be redirected to a different thread let me know. I acquired this old antenna from out of the rafters in a garage so I know it's been out of the weather for quite a long time. Outside of the one element being broken off (I still have the...