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    Dominick Dunne died

    I was so sorry to hear about his passing. He was one of my favorite commentators/narrators. Hopefully he is with his daughter now and happy.
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    Real reality shows vs staged

    Who prefers the real reality shows like Cops and Bait Car, etc rather than ones I consider staged, like Survivor, etc. I know that they aren't especially scripted, but they are not as real as the previous ones mentioned.
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    2009 season turn

    I love the twist this season has taken! I am hopeful that it will return to it's previous greatness. Although I am actually the biggest fan of this show on the planet, I have to say I was getting a little bored last year.
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    Runners up

    Out of all these seasons, isn't it true that the while one contestant is voted number one, it is the second place contestant that becomes more famous after it is all over?
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    Arguing couples

    So I have only seen a couple seasons of this show, but do they always have one couple who just can't get along? I can almost pick them out on the first episode.
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    Favorite clip

    I don't really watch this show because it is just too blue for me to watch while my kids are still awake, but I love love love the clip they have been showing on commercials the last few weeks where the baby is saying "Lois Lois Lois Lois Mummy Mummy..." That cracks me UP! Probably because I...
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    Pam Pregnant?

    I did not see that coming! Yeah for them. I was afraid that the producers would have to do something to break them up, but maybe they will focus on other people and leave those two alone.
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    Homesteading show

    A couple years ago I saw a reality show about three or four families that took on the challenge of living off the land in Montana, like they were in the 1800s. I only saw the first couple episodes and I would like to see the rest--does anyone know the name of it?
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    Does anyone have a DVR thru Direct TV? I think I would really like the convenience of recording shows I watch, but I am not sure yet about the extra expense.
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    Dtv and Versus

    Um, when are we going to get Versus back?? My husband is going crazy, and in turn making me crazy. We need to get this resolved soon.