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    Review: Review ATSC TV Converter :New life for old TV's, and a dandy recorder!

    Not only does this converter provide an excellent digital TV signal for your old analog TV, it functions as a digital recorder and player of your favorite TV shows and other media. The USB port and your memory stick allow a convenient way to enjoy your recorded TV programs and play music, movie...
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    Review: Nice tv converter,It is useful for me!

    I bought this converter box for my Son who is a tractor Trailer driver and is on the road all week. He has an older analog TV that fits the truck nicely. He was amazed on how easy this box worked and automatically scanned for stations and listing them for selecting what he wants to watch. I am...
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    Review: I was surprised to find a Digital TV Converter which shows beyond my imagination!

    A family member recently purchased a DVR and found that it did not have a built in tuner. After searching, I found that it is very common that DVR's do not have tuners. (They must assume that everyone has cable or satellite.) After comparing several units, I chose this DVR based on the features...