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    Xfinity Stream Beta - Samsung TV Error code TVAPP-00148 - XFinity

    From what I have seen, the issues resolves itself over time. If it does not contact your provider and a tech has been able to successfully fix this.
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    the words "program cannot be fast forwarded" always on screen - DirecTV

    If this is happening you can fix this by going to menu then setting and click on restart receiver press(-) to confirm on the remote-the receiver will restart. This should clear things up.
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    Error 102 - Steaming on another device - DirecTV

    You will need to try a couple of different things. 1. Try to completely reset your main Genie DVR. I realize this is incredibly inconvenient and will interfere with prerecorded shows but this seems to work the best. 2. You can make sure that on all apple devices you have the GPS setting turned...
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    Clearing "recently watched" section in TV app - XFinity

    You can press the "Last" button on the remote. Use the left arrow or right arrow button on the remote to highlight a channel or program and press the D button (the green, diamond-shaped button towards the bottom of the remote). To delete just that channel/program, highlight Just this channel and...
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    This video is not playable under the current device conditions. - XFinity

    You may need an modified APK that supports HDMI devices. You might also be able to find a solution using this website for additional help. apps
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    converter box won't turn back on

    Guest John Jay, Here are some helpful questions and answers regarding the Insignia DT Turner. It seems as though this is a connection issue. Reception can vary by channel, depending on the location and broadcast power level of a given station. Make sure your antenna is connected securely to...
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    Error Code TVAPP-00100 - XFinity

    From a Comcast employee, "There was a temporary issue reaching one of the services required for app navigation and streaming, which has since been cleared up. If you relaunch the application you should now be good to go. Sorry for the interruption, and happy streaming!" If this has not been...
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    Easy Pair App

    The Easy Pair App does not exist, you are correct. You will need to pair using the Xfinity mobil App. Follow the instructions on this website.
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    0066: No account returned from UPDA - DirecTV

    For Apple TV you have a couple of options to stream episodes of favorite shows on History Channel. You can replace your cable subscription with streaming platforms like Sling TV or fuboTV. All of these platforms offer a way to watch the History channel live along with dozens of other channels...
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    Status code : 225.1 on DTA? - Time Warner TV

    It sounds like you need to check the connection to the coax outlet behind the box you're using. Hopefully it is easily accessible. Once unscrewed from the wall check both behind and in front to make sure the cables are secure. You should also check the coax cable for any broken or loose...
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    Solid red light on genie RC73 - DirecTV

    You will need to have an entirely new remote sent to you. If it is covered under your protection plan then you can contact the provider and they will send you a new one. If not, you can purchase a new remote on amazon or ebay. You could try replacing the batteries but others have said this did...
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    Error- TVAPP-00146 - XFinity

    To resolve this issue, you may need to restart your TV Box. For more information, please see Reboot Your X1 TV Box. XRE-00018 - Unable to Tune to Channel - X1 Error Message – Xfinity
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    If I cancel TWC, will I be able to keep my RoadRunner email address? - Time Warner In

    It seems as though the email address will still be active even after canceling the TWC. Based on some feedback from this forum others who have tried to cancel are still able to log in and use their RR email account.
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    RLP-1007, REG-1001 errors REPEATEDLY on ROKU - TWC TV and Apps

    It may help to restart your Roku player. To do that go to Settings then System and click System restart. You can also restart your Roku TV, by going to Settings then System then Power and lastly System restart. Roku
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    New Spectrum webmail running EXTREMELY slow - Time Warner Internet

    You could login to webmail before it reaches the full status and try to delete email more frequently or you can change the options in outlook to delete from the server once they have been downloaded into the outlook program. This will help the speed of your web browser. Solved: Re: Web Mail...
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    Program cannot be fast-forwarded - DirecTV

    Menu-setting-restart receiver press(-) to confirm on the remote-the receiver will restart
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    Error IA01 - Time Warner TV

    This typically happens with poorly connected cables. This happens while booting up which has then made it impossible for the cable box to fetch the channels. You will need to restart the device. Following these 4 steps. 1. Restart your cable box. 2.Check the cables. 3. Reset the equipment. 4...
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    Frequent Signal Interruptions - Codes 227 & 225 - XFinity

    This is most likely caused by a failed HDMI connection between your DVR and TV. Changing the HDMI cord will not fix the issue. It looks like Xfinity is aware of the issue. They did suggest to go to DVR setting and set your device power preferences to power saver on. If the TV is turned on before...
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    bounce channel - DirecTV

    Bounce is on channel 44.2
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    Move DirecTV receiver to a different room?

    If the room is on the same power pass port all you will need is a coaxial cable and an HDMI cable. You will need to figure out which cables split into which room. The room with the SWM Power Inserter must connect to the splitter port I highlighted about (DC Power Passing)...