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  1. TVTom51

    How to watch F1 Racing Online or on a Roku?

    Does anyone know if F1 racing is going to be offered online or by streaming for the 2014 season? It's getting ready to start, and I'd like to be able to watch it on my TV. Now that I don't have cable, it's going to be much harder to do. I'm looking for legal ways to watch it.
  2. TVTom51

    What are some good movies for all ages?

    We want to add a few family friendly movies to our Blu-ray DVD collection since the grandkids have moved closer and are going to be over more often. Any recommendations? We already have Toy Story 1, 2, and 3.
  3. TVTom51

    RCA ANT751R vs other outdoor antennas?

    Got an email from a friend of the family asking about the ANT751R antenna. I've sent him an email asking him to give me his TVFool report, but in the mean time, what are the general thoughts here on the ANT751R? My friend is using a flat style antenna in his attic now and said that he's...
  4. TVTom51

    Comcast Throttling my Internet Speed?

    I just installed a new modem (Motorola SB6121) and I'm seeing download speeds of less than 4 mbps and uploads of .5 mbps. I have the "performance internet" package and I should be getting speeds close to double that. I've had a tech come out to test out my cabling and he said everything was...
  5. TVTom51

    Versus channel will be NBC Sports Network

    On January 4th, 2012 Versus Network is going to become the NBC Sports Network. I was never a fan of watching hunting on TV with Versus, but I am excited to see programming changes with Universal Sports Network and more football and baseball. Last night my local news affiliate talked about the...
  6. TVTom51

    What channels do you get by antenna?

    After seeing a couple of responses with TV channel details by their location in Cutting The Cord is Overhyped topic, I wanted to start a new place where everyone could post what channels they get? Me? Location: Fairfax, VA (Southern) 4‑1 WRC-TV NBC 5‑1 WTTG FOX...
  7. TVTom51

    Cutting the cord is "Overhyped" according to...

    I'm about to go Andy Rooney here after seeing this article earlier today. I know it's over a year old, but sheesh, talk about garbage From Tech Crunch: Moving Away From Cable TV To Internet-delivered Content 'Overhyped & Overanticipated' | TechCrunch I wouldn't call 15 percent "considering"...
  8. TVTom51

    CM 7777 preamp the best?

    Going to be routing another coax line to a TV in our guest bedroom. This will now require a 4-way splitter on a main line that stretches about 50' before the splitter and I'm thinking about getting the CM 7777. We already have problems during storms with reception so I'm pretty set on getting...
  9. TVTom51

    Is the practice of buying coupons legal?

    I use and a few other sites when searching for deals and yesterday I came across a Garmin deal that was almost too good to be true. The OP posted a link to a coupon site where you had to pay $4 to receive $25 off at Best Buy. Something doesn't seem right about that.
  10. TVTom51

    Freevision FV-HD30 Antenna

    Been seeing a bunch of advertising on different AV forums (especially AVS) about this antenna. Honestly, I don't really see any reason to pay more than $15 for an indoor antenna. Best results I ever got was from an unamplified set of rabbit ears.
  11. TVTom51

    Classic Holiday Movies

    Anyone enjoy watching holiday classics from the 40's-50's like White Christmas or Holiday Inn? AMC has been running a slew of them this past week if anyone's interested.
  12. TVTom51

    Biggest Loser Winner - Season 8 - (Spoiler Alert)

    Well, looks like Danny Cahill was the biggest loser this season. He went from 430 pounds to 191 losing a total of 55.58% off his starting weight. Quite impressive and motivating.
  13. TVTom51

    Blockbuster went back to charging for late movies?

    Went to Blockbuster this evening to rent a couple of Blu-ray movies and low and behold the clerk told me that they're charging again for late returns. $.50 a day. :(
  14. TVTom51

    Anybody know if Sears is still carying the DTVPal DVR?

    The DTVPal DVR is still in production isn't it?
  15. TVTom51

    Cost for a station to add a atsc-m/h transmitter?

    Anybody know?
  16. TVTom51

    Mobile DTV Coverage Map

    Looks like deployment isn't as big as I thought. From: Open Mobile Video Coalition
  17. TVTom51

    Samsung surpasses Vizio for #1 TV maker

    Anyone have a Vizio? I've always wondered about their quality since they seem generally cheaper at stores. Vizio knocked to second by Samsung for top HDTV sales - The Gadgetress : The Orange County Register
  18. TVTom51

    How often do you watch PBS

    We usually find ourselves watching PBS 1-2 hours tops every week. There's no set show that we have to see, it's more of a mood kind of thing. I take that back, we do watch more nature shows than anything. How about you?
  19. TVTom51

    List of subchannels?

    Is their an official list of subchannel only networks around the country? I'm not looking for a specific state, I'd just like to know all of the available digital subchannels. I tried searching and couldn't find anything. The Wiki entry for Digital subchannel doesn't list subchannel networks...
  20. TVTom51

    Any details on USB ATSC-M/H tuners?

    Alright, I was going to get a ATSC USB tuner until I started hearing that the ATSC-M/H USB tuners were going to be coming out. Who knows when they'll go on sale, but I would love to have the ability to watch on my laptop while I'm on the road. :)