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  1. TonyT

    Any reason in buying a streaming Blu-ray player if I already have a Roku?

    I'm in the market for a new Blu-ray player. Most of the new ones made by Panasonic that come with 3D also have built-in wifi and smart technology and streaming apps. Does it make any sense to buy one of these or should I look at an older one since I already have a Roku 2 XS?
  2. TonyT

    Netflix: Is the subscription worth it?

    As Netflix’s online streaming becoming more popular, many people are wondering if they should subscribe to Netflix’s service. There are many hits that are available on Netflix that are enticing new customers to join including Nurse Jackie, Justified and Breaking Bad. If you are looking to have...
  3. TonyT

    DirecTV and Pac-12 2013-2014 Update?

    Is there any update on when DirecTV and Pac-12 are going to make a deal to broadcast NCAA games?
  4. TonyT

    Netflix on PS4?

    Anyone know if the PS4 is going to be able to get Netflix like the PS3 did?
  5. TonyT

    What's the best Verizon smartphone to get?

    It's time to replace my aging Blackberry Pearl cell phone, what is the best smartphone offered right now through Verizon? I was thinking about getting a android OS based phone.
  6. TonyT

    Amazon Warehouse Deals

    Looking at a couple of AV items on Amazon Warehouse today at Warehouse Deals @ One is the WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Black for $73.65 and other is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) for $157.57 I guess my question is, how long do these deals...
  7. TonyT

    Roku 3 to get YouTube Channel

    Apparently it was a performance issue with Roku 2 and why there isn't an official YouTube channel. Supposedly the new chip in version 3 should be able to get it, but if that's the case, why wasn't a YouTube app packaged with the new one? A9 Chip Inside The Roku 3 May Finally Allow For An...
  8. TonyT

    What is TVGOS?

    Bought a Panasonic HDTV about 2 weeks ago, and discovered that it has "TVGOS" capability. I know it's an on screen guide, but how exactly does it function? Who runs the service and how is it paid for? Just seems weird that it's free.
  9. TonyT

    Panasonic VIERA TC-P55ST50 55-Inch 1080p HDTV Thoughts?

    Looking at HDTVs again this year. I'd like to make a move in the next week or so, and on something around 55" with 1080p and internet apps. I've narrowed my selection down to the Panasonic VIERA TC-P55ST50. I think at least. Anyone care to comment? It's about $1,000 which is my budget.
  10. TonyT

    Blaze TV

    Is Blaze TV (Glenn Beck's channel) going to be coming anytime soon to Comcast? I get it right now on my Roku XD but wondering why it hasn't come to Comcast, especially now that Dish Network has it.
  11. TonyT

    Dr. Who Reruns

    Anyone know if the older Dr. Who reruns are still shown on BBC or any other channel? Can't seem to find them on TV anymore? Used to be my favorite show as a kid, and now BBC runs the newer show but it's not as good.
  12. TonyT

    Apex DT150 Converter Box

    Looks like Walmart is starting to carry the DT150 again here in Albuquerque, NM. Anybody own one? I need to pick up 2 more converters yet and maybe a third one for the garage.
  13. TonyT

    PBS President Paula Kerger

    Can someone tell me why the PBS president is making comments about commercial networks and their programming? I found the story here: and the Act itself as explained by The Washington Post, So my thoughts on this are, broadcasters show programming based on what viewers...
  14. TonyT

    HD Radio and MDTV - A good combination with small antennas?

    Very cool to see TV makers teaming up HD radio and Mobile TV into one TV set and even though there aren't any official products out with both types of tuners, it looks like there will be. What I'm getting at is.....................What are the odds that a little antenna is going to pick up BOTH...
  15. TonyT

    Muppets aka Sesame Street

    I don't think I truly ever appreciated The Muppets until I got older. Anyone else a fan? Loved the show on PBS but the movies were even better.
  16. TonyT

    What kind of kind of programming would you like to see more of on PBS?

    Top on my priority would be to add more science programs. Even had an idea for a new show. Something like a DIY meets Mythbusters for amateur home scientists.
  17. TonyT

    What do you think of your local PBS station?

    My local PBS in New Mexico is pretty good, I usually try to catch Nightly Business Report and Woldfocus if I have time. Overall I'm pretty happy with their quality of programs which often focuses more on education, like the Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish series they've been showing this...
  18. TonyT

    Jet Li's "Unleashed"

    Hope it's ok if I post in this section for a DVD review/discussion. I'm a big martial arts film guy and have been for over 30 years. I rented Jet Li's "Unleashed" this weekend and was unimpressed. High on action, low on storyline, and I was expecting so much more with Morgan Freeman in the cast.
  19. TonyT

    How to get rid of mosquitoes in my house!

    I have had mosquitoes buzzing around freely in my house for about a week now and they're eating me and my family alive! For some reason the little buggers like to go for the ankles, and we've resorted to wearing socks around, but they still manage to get through them. 2-3 days ago we bought...
  20. TonyT

    Can a station broadcast mobile DTV and not OTA ATSC?

    My local news ran a story last night about Mobile DTV offering a variety of programming in the future. I thought to myself, how is ATSC M/H going to be any different than what's on TV now and then a thought came to me, will there be mobile DTV broadcasters that aren't broadcasting OTA ATSC...