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  1. dkreichen1968

    Problem getting channel 5 Fox WNYW in Long Island

    Would you please post the link for your radar plot from If the cables are 18 year old that may be a problem also. Do you remember what brand and model of antenna you are using?
  2. dkreichen1968

    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    No, but do you have room for a large yagi and a 8 bay antenna on your roof? One antenna can do both jobs.
  3. dkreichen1968

    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    Looks like Decades will move to KZDN 26.4 in Denver, which will mean I won't get it.
  4. dkreichen1968

    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    Have you ever tried the system without the distribution amp? Your TV fool indicates plenty of signal on channel 12. I know there are lots of other factors, but a noisy distribution amp could be a problem. Have you tried running to one TV to establish a base line before any splits or...
  5. dkreichen1968

    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    Based on that, I'd get a Winegard HD7698P and point it southeast.
  6. dkreichen1968

    Cut the cord need help with anetnna

    You only have three receivable stations WOWK (CBS, Escape, Laff, Grit), WOVB (6 PBS channels) and WVAH (FOX, Stadium, Comet). Picking up both WOVB and WVAH will be a challenge, but is doable. I'm going to disagree with Jim and say you need two high gain UHF yagi antennas...
  7. dkreichen1968

    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    Let me know what happens. The main problem with double amplification is you are amplifying noise. The first amp produces noise and the second amp amplifies it. The noise degrades your signal quality, which is the main thing with digital reception. A weak clean signal is better than a noisy...
  8. dkreichen1968

    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    Unfortunately we haven't been as active as we were in the past. Interest in DTV has seemed to have waned. For the moderators here also. ;) If you look at the TVfool website they give a equation for figuring how much gain you need for your system. 1 dB for every 18-20 feet of cable plus 3.5...
  9. dkreichen1968

    Problem getting Channel 12 in Phoenix AZ

    Were you running both the preamp and the distribution amp? That would explain why the signal was being overdriven. I'd consider replacing the distribution amp with a preamp, which would help preserve the signal received by the antenna before any cable losses. You're losing 2 to 3 dB of signal...
  10. dkreichen1968

    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    Are they dropping DECADES for START, or adding a .3 channel? Dave, where did you find that information. I know that CBS has resisted sub-channels, but why would they drop a channel that uses so much of their own material?
  11. dkreichen1968

    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    Interesting. They do keep popping up!
  12. dkreichen1968

    A cheaper and slower internet-only plan is in need - Time Warner Internet

    TWC, or actually Charter at this point, is going to do whatever they feel like until enough people drop their service. They may not feel that it is cost effective to offer a lower speed service. After all, they have spent millions of dollars to upgrade their service. On the other hand most...
  13. dkreichen1968

    How to increase my WiFi signal? - Time Warner Internet

    One thing you can try is setting the channel the router broadcasts on to something other than the default. Most routers default to the middle channel which I believe is 6. If your neighbors network runs on the same channel, the networks will interfere with each other. I run my router on...
  14. dkreichen1968

    Information on Channel Repack Now Available @

    The incentive auction is over and the TV band repack is about to begin. What stations in your local market(s) are moving frequencies, and when are they moving? Find out at Sign up for email and/or text alerts, so you will be the first to learn when to...
  15. dkreichen1968

    New Channel "Charge" Now on Local Stations

    Charge! is the all-new network television home for action & adventure content from MGM's library. This includes movies such as the Rocky & James Bond franchises. Find local stations here:
  16. dkreichen1968

    TBD TV Now on Local Stations

    TBD is a new television network for viewers who love TV and love the internet. TBD is a new free broadcast network that combines the best of both worlds. The most entertaining stuff from the most creative creators is hand-picked and put on your TV for a new adventure every day. Everything from...
  17. dkreichen1968

    Quest Television Goes Live Today 1/29/2018

    If you are in one of the lucky markets, you are in for the treat of the Quest TV network. Discover network style programming on a free multi-cast network. You can find the participating stations here: General information and programming here...
  18. dkreichen1968

    TiVo TV Cord Cutting Survey

    Interesting information. Cord cutting and antenna use increases! See more at:
  19. dkreichen1968

    Gordon Smith of NAB Says Spectrum Auction "Might Not Have Been Necessary"

    Read More: Just one more way that the Obama administration took advantage of the American consumer. The "Unaffordable Healthcare Act" and the "Unaffordable TV Act."
  20. dkreichen1968

    39 Month Repack to Start March 30th

    Read More: Stations will have 39 months from March 30th to move to their new channels. Meanwhile many may be moving to ATSC 3.0. How well this ultimately works for consumers is yet to be seen.