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    ClearStream TV Over-The-Air WiFi Television Digital Tuner

    Has anybody here bought one of these yet? If so, how well does it work?
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    AT&T And DirecTV Now

    I have have been on AT&T, T-Mobile, and I am currently on Verizon with 4 lines of service. I also had DISH for a number of years, but canceled earlier this year and went to Sony PlayStation Vue. Recently, I have been hearing about DirecTV Now. which will be an "over the top" service delivered...
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    CM-4228HD Vs. Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X

    I am currently using an older, legacy Channel Master 4228HD in the attic above my attached garage. To keep my wife happy, I want to keep the antenna out of site. Most of the channels come in well, but as is often the case, it is a compromise. If I adjust the antenna for some channels, other...
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    Television Choices While Mobile

    Most of us enjoy the newer digital TV standard and don't miss analog. The one feature that I do miss is the ability to listen to TV audio. I had the Auto Talk converter in my vehicles and it worked great. I know that the current ATSC standard does not allow reception while mobile. I also...
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    Portable DTV

    Christmas is still several months away, but I am still wondering what the smallest DTVs are these days? Is anybody making a handheld portable TV?
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    Listening To Local Television News [/U]While In Motion[/U] While Traveling

    I am something of a news junkie. While I don't make a lot of road trips, I do make some from time to time. I would love to be able to listen to local television news broadcasts, while in motion, when traveling across the United States. In the past, I had a device (Auto Talk) that connected to...
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    Mobile DTV (ATSC-M/H) Update I just tried mine and it is working fine. Here is an excerpt from the webpage: The Dyle mobile TV app on my RCA TV Tablet suddenly stopped working. As of January 1, 2015, this app is no longer supported, rendering the mobile TV functionality of this device...
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    Accessing Roku Remotely Through SlingBox

    Is there any content on Roku that can't be accessed directly on a PC, smartphone, or tablet? Say, for example, you had a Roku 3 at home and a SlingBox PRO HD with an extra unused port, would there be any reason to connect the Roku to the SlingBox PRO HD? One thing that came to my mind would be...
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    ATSC Tuners With HDMI Ports

    I have a few of the legacy converter boxes. Specifically, several of the Zenith DTT901s and a couple of the DISH Network DTV Pals. Anyway, I am staring to look around for what new boxes are available that include an HDMI port. What are some of my better choices? I know when the earlier...
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    Portable DTV

    Now that Christmas is drawing near, has anybody seen any new portable DTVs lately? I am interested in any that are 15 inch or less.
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    Audiovox MobileTV Receiver

    I picked up an Audiovox MobileTV Receiver and did some testing with it in my area. It is more sensitive than the RCA 8” Mobile TV DMT580DU Tablet, but not as sensitive as the Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner. It is quite likely that I will be returning this, but it has been interesting to try it out.
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    CES 2014 Features More TV On Tablets

    TVTechnology: CES 2014 Features More TV on Tablets Inclusion of tuners becoming more prevalent Even though there wasn't a Mobile DTV TechZone at CES 2014, I found some mobile DTV devices on display, as well as tablets with built-in TV tuners. The Audiovox Mobile TV receiver was being shown...
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    Dallas On TNT In 2014

    I cut back our DISH package to save to money. I am considering cancelling completely, but my wife loves recording an over the air soap opera daily. The DISH 722k handles that fine, but so would a DVR that receives over the air signal. Now, the sticking point seems to be that a new Dallas...
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    Question: Mobile DTV Subscription Fees

    Has anybody read anything lately about subscription fees for Mobile DTV? As slow as ATSC-M/H has been to take off, I think any sort of fees might scare off the few of us that are interested in it. Coincidentally, I did order an RCA Mobile TV Tablet DDA850R for Christmas for my wife. Granted...
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    Supersonic SC-335

    My wife was out shopping today at Menards - Dedicated to Service & Quality&#0153 and sent me a test of the Supersonic SC-335 3.5" Portable TFT LCD TV with FM Radio and SD Card Slot Portable LCD TV - Supersonic Inc - SC-335 - 3.5" Portable TFT LCD TV with FM Radio and SD Card Slot She basically...
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    ATSC Tuner With DVR

    What are some of my better choices for an ATSC tuner with a DVR? I am thinking of dropping DISH, but my wife is hooked on a certain OTA soap opera that she loves to record.
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    Zenith DTT901 Converter Box

    I have an extra Zenith DTT901 Converter Box that I no longer use. Does anybody have any idea what is the best way to sell this and how much I should ask? (Craigslist, Ebay, etc.)
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    Dyle® Mobile TV Launches National Coffeehouse Mobile TV Tech Tour in 12 Cities Across

    I would like to see them come to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area where I live. Dyle® Mobile TV Launches National Coffeehouse Mobile TV Tech Tour in 12 Cities Across the Country | Dyle TV Dyle® Mobile TV Launches National Coffeehouse mobile tv tech Tour in 12 Cities Across the Country National...
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    Now Available - The RCA Mobile TV Tablet Web Version | Update preferences | Unsubscribe Forward icon Forward RCA Mobile TV Tablet Now Available The RCA Mobile TV Tablet is the first of its kind. A fully functional touchscreen...
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    Dyle To Renew Push For Mobile DTV Service Audiovox Dyle Mobile TV Receiver, White: Car Electronics Audiovox Mobile TV Next week, the company will announce a new product by Audiovox that doesn't require users to plug a dongle into their...