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    Imagine This.

    What if your DVD arrives to your home sooner than expected?:flame:
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    Netflix willing to pay Premium to Access Comcast Broadband Network

    Netflix agrees to pay Comcast for broadband Service. What does this means for you and me? We will be streaming videos from Netflix at a much faster rate.:flypig:
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    How to connect laptop to TV

    Yes, you need a HDMI cable which you can get it for cheap for $4 from Amazon. Once you have the HDMI cable you can hook it up with your TV HDMI port and you should see your Laptop screen on your TV. It looks like the Dell Inspiron 1525 has both a HDMI port and a S-Video output. Number seven is...
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    What is Jailbreaking Apple TV?

    Hi, I just received my Apple TV a while ago and I decided to Jailbreaking the device for customization. Does anybody know any specific apps that are useful after you do a Jailbreak of your Apple TV? I need to maximize my experience with this device because the default things that come with it is...
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    Apple TV only works with certain video file.

    What are some of the specific files that will work with an Apple TV? I am not quite sure why Apple TV would have such exact files that works with their device. Why can't they just make their device universal, so it is easier to use. :p
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    Where do you find Regular Channels on Apple TV

    Where do you find your local channel stations on your Apple TV?:boink: I have been looking around for quite some time now and I do not know where to look for the local channels with my Apple TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    DO you need an HDTV to work with APPLE TV?

    Just curious. Anyone know if you need an HDTV in order to play your Apple TV? I am not sure if my TV is HDTV or a normal TV.
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    How do Apple TV works with iPhone?

    I am confused. How do you connect your iPhone so it would work with your Apple TV? Any ideas?:dancing:
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    Tell Me Your Favorites APPS For Apple TV?

    Just Curious. What are some of your favorite APPS you use with your Apple TV at the moment?:whoo:
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    Amazon Plans to challenge Apple TV with its New TV BOX in March What do you think about the TV BOX from Amazon? Do you think that Apple TV or ROKU would be obsolete if Amazon TV BOX are introduce to consumers? I mean Amazon is such a successful company because it has so many new ideas like drone mail carriers and...
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    Movies keep pausing on my Apple TV

    If the internet modem is near your Apple TV, you can try to plug the Ethernet cable from your Apple TV directly into the modem. See if this helps. If it does not work, try to reset your Apple TV. If both methods failed try to update the firmware on your router to the latest one. Let me know if...
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    What is XBMC Apple TV?

    How Do You Jailbroken Apple TV? What is XBMC Apple TV? Hello everyone, Does anyone know what is XBMC for Apple TV? :huh: What are some of the things that you can do with it? Thanks,