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  1. Chickie

    Do you.... HULU?!

    FREE from HULU ! Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. TV. Your way. Finally, TV on your terms. Watch your favorite videos right from your browser, anytime, for free. With full episodes of TV shows both current and classic, full-length movies, web originals, and clips of just...
  2. Chickie

    Congress approves DTV DELAY until JUNE!

    Congress approves digital TV delay Congress approves digital TV delay | Reuters Wed Feb 4, 2009 10:53pm GMT By Kim Dixon WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. switch to digital television signals will be delayed four months until June under legislation that cleared Congress on Wednesday and now...
  3. Chickie

    Obama Seeks More Money for Digital Converter Coupon Box program...

    Yeah, more $$ for the converter box program! ;)
  4. Chickie

    'FIERCE LIGHT: When Spirit Meets Action' (A new film)

    Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper presents a film bound to inspire hope 'FIERCE LIGHT: When Spirit Meets Action' Featuring Ripper's stunning cinematography, a compelling soundtrack, and dramatic stories of resistance & transformation, reveals what is possible when human beings, faced with a world in...
  5. Chickie

    PBS: 'Attack of the Cyberworm' ... Watch Online

    In the News... Attack of the Cyberworm Watch the Video Online.... FRONTLINE: editors' notes: in the news: attack of the cyberworm | PBS January 23, 2009 Attack of the Cyberworm 01.23.09 Careful what you download: a new and insidious worm has been loosed in cyberspace. How much harm can...
  6. Chickie

    Hello from Beantown!

    Hello everyone! Nice messageboard and really glad I found it! ;) I have it bookmarked and was happy to see that other issue's are discussed besides antenna's and the like! Antenna's can be soooo boring! LOL! :D I am on the east coast between Beantown and Rhode Island. Crappy weather and tall...
  7. Chickie

    How come I don't see a reply button on private message?

    How can I reply to a private message? :confused: I don't see any reply button in the PM. BTW? You're Welcome! :D