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  1. acwriter

    Possible $11 Million In Education Fines For Cable Companies

    There are approximately seven cable and telco multichannel video providers that may be facing $11 million dollars in fines due to negligence in informing their customers about the upcoming DTV transition. Chairman Kevin Martin of the Federal Communications Commission has announced that the...
  2. acwriter

    Mork and Mindy Marathon

    Oh you guys know you just can't miss this. Yep, all day this Friday. Although, you aren't going to believe on what channel this is going to be on. It is not going to be on T.V. Land but the SciFi Channel. :D
  3. acwriter

    ER: Past and Present Collide?

    Watching a recorded episode of Knight Rider the new should be rated x version, I just saw a commercial for ER that was aired last night. It said that the old and knew were coming together. It showed Dr. Green from the older episodes and some newer characters. Anybody care to share what happened...
  4. acwriter

    Today's the big day!!!

    If you live in America, don't forget to vote today. I am a afraid I might forget, so I thought I would remind everyone else. ;) Also, you can google your county voting options to find out what candidate you want to vote for, as well as any referendums that are being voted on.
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    Google Virtual Directions

    This is so cool. If you need directions to a place, just go to Click on maps. You then enter in the name or address of the place you want to go. It will then give you the option of putting in your address. Once it has retrieved the directions to your location, it will actually show...
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    No Internet?

    It probably has happened at one time or another to each of us. What do you do when your internet goes down? Do you panic or just spend time doing something else until it comes back up? Or both?;)
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    Direct TV On Demand

    In addition to the many channels you can get DTOD all ready, Direct TV has just started offering a new channel in its on demand line-up; Studio 4 Learning. This is a great tool for homeschooling or additional learning. This new channel offers Math, Spanish, English, Language Arts, Science and...
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    What are your favorite episodes?

    I want a SuperNanny is the cry of many parents with unruly children in their households. What are some of your favorite episodes of this very creative show?
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    TBS Channel

    TBS very funny is what the channel is advertising. Is it very funny? What are your favorite shows on this comedy sit-com channel? Some of my are The King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond & Yes, Dear.
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    How are you saving money in this economy? Have you had an success with saving for college or retirement? Do you buy stocks or bonds? What kind of advice can you give to help others, financially? Perhaps you have questions that others can help you.
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    Parenting Discussions

    Admin has been so kind to start a couple of sub-forums for us to discuss other issues. In this one we can discuss all parenting concerns. Feel free to post new threads in these new forums and expound upon the threads that are started, as well. If we have enough response in different areas we may...
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    Favorite T.V. Show quotes

    In trying to come up with something inspiring for my signature here on DTV, I had an idea. I am going to start a thread with some of my favorite television quotes. You can reply with yours. They can be from any t.v. character or show. This could be really fun and inspiring. These are only a few...
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I have a couple of years experience on different forums and look forward to seeing what this one has to offer.