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    Ditching Satellite Internet

    We are coming back to Time Warner for our internet. We tried satellite for a while and really grew to not like it. Anybody else have dealings with satellite internet and thoughts about it?
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    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    I have an XBox 360 and have enjoyed it for many years. My most favorite game that I have played on it was Bioshock. Love the plot and the ending totally threw me for a loop. What is your favorite video game of all time?
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    Has Anyone Heard More Rumors About A Cheaper XBox One?

    I have heard a lot of rumors lately about Microsoft coming out with a cheaper XBox One at some point this year. Supposedly, it wouldn't have a blu-ray drive and that's what will make it less expensive. Has anyone else heard those rumors?
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    Batman Finally Coming to DVD this year!

    Finally, the classic 1960's show Batman is coming out on DVD. It's about time!