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  1. Yes616

    MeTV Coming to Washinton, DC

    This comes from MeTV: Me-TV is heading to the nation’s capital on WJLA -Washington D.C. The station will launch Me-TV on March 1, 2013 and be seen over-the-air on channel 7.2. The network now has clearance in each of the top ten television markets in the country.
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    DTV may drop YES Network TONIGHT!

    DirecTV may drop YES Network at midnight tonight just one day after Dish dropped SNY from their line up. It is being reported that the two sides are far apart from reaching a deal but who knows? If this happens, the only way to see all of the Yankees games is to subscribe to EI (Extra Innings)...
  3. Yes616

    Dish Drops SNY in New York area

    The RSN, Sportsnet New York (the home of the New York Mets) has been dropped from the Dish Network line up in a contract negotiations despute. This was effective just after midnight on 4/1/2011. SNY was the last RSN available in the New York area as they dropped MSG and MSG+ last October and...
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    Dish Adds 2 New Channels on 12/1

    In true Dish style, Dish added 2 new channels yesterday that do not even show on their web site yet. On channel 388 find PixL if you have HD Platnum. On channel 377 find Movieplex if you have AT-250. Note that this channel is only available in SD. Now Movieplex I had heard about but expected...
  5. Yes616

    3D Now Available on DISH Network!

    The following notice was sent to Dish Network retailers yesterday.. So it's just the ViP922 that will do 3D at this time. I am sure the software update will go out to other ViP series DVR's in the future.
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    Well after I saw this, I had to order the sling adapter for my 722. I will be using it with my laptop. I will let everyone know what I think of it after it comes in and I play with it a little bit.
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    Fox & Dish along with FOX & Cablevision Reach Deals BUT...

    There is only one issue left. I wonder if MSG and MSG+ will ever be back on Dish?
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    Fox & Dish Reach Retrans Deal

    This in today's news. And sure enough, FX and NatGeo are back on my TV. Here in the NYC area we are still without MSG and MSG+. Because of this anyone with AT-120+ or higher are still getting the Multi-Sports Pack for free. Check you bills folks. You should NOT be paying the extra $7.00...
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    Cablevision and World Series ~ Doesn't Look Good

    UPDATE: No Breakthrough In Cablevision-Fox Spat: Fox Rejects Cablevision's Offer By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Wednesday October 27, 2010 @ 1:10pm PDT Tags: Cablevision, Cablevision Fox World Series, Fox Cablevision Carriage Dispute, Fox Cablevision Negotiations, News Corp, News Corp Fox 5 Negotiations...
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    Fox Networks Pulled From Cablevision As Contract Ends

    It's Official. No Fox on Cablevision..
  11. Yes616

    Cablevision Customers May Lose Fox OTA channels on 10/15/2010

    There has been discussion about Fox in the Dish Forum but look what's happening here. Cablevision is pretty big around the New York City area. It seems to me that Fox is about to shoot themselves in the feet if they cannot be seen on both Cablevision and Dish Network. Link
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    FX, NatGeo and FSN Regionals GONE!

    But Dish is trying to pull a fast one. The guide still shows them labeled as FX and NatGeo but if you tune to channel 136 expecting to see FX, you will find HD Net Movies. Go to channel 186 to see NatGeo and you will be looking at HD Theater. It seems for me the dispute includes MSG and MSG+...
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    Dish may pull several Fox Channels TONIGHT!

    FX, Nat Geo and regional FSN channels are at risk of being turned off at midnight tonight. Click here for more. Edit: I went to that site to try to add my feedback but that link did not work. I was going to add that I sided with Dish as they are the only provider playing hard ball with the...
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    Question: Attention League Bowlers! Question

    I wish I were joking but no I am not! I am on a 4 person mixed league that has a bowler that considers themself a female. This person looks like a pretty bad excuse for a female. The voice sounds like a male for sure. Our league secretary says it's a female but many on the league doubt it...
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    New Local Weather Channel?

    Anyone remember this from the beginning of the summer? So the new Local Weather Channel was supposed to go live this summer. There is less than 2 weeks left before the end of the summer and so far nothing. Did Dish and The Weather Channel think we forgot all about this?
  16. Yes616

    Sony Movie Channel Coming to Dish!

    The new Sony Movie Channel will be coming to Dish when it launches on October 1st. Click here to learn more.
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    PBS in HD

    Many PBS HD channels are warming up on Dish satellites. NYC & LA should see them soon as well as many other cities. I am seeing they are uplinked to the satellites but not available just yet. More on this very soon.
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    View The Solar Eclipse Sunday 7/11

    Well this eclipse will not be viewable in the US. Or will it? It seems that Dish Network viewers WILL be able to see it! Thanks to the good old DISH EARTH channel that offers live views of the earth from the 110° west orbital location, you will be able to see the shadow of the moon pass over...
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    Any MonstersHD Fans Here?

    After more than 2 years without one of my favorite Voom channels, another channel like this seems to be coming. Sony plans to launch Sony Pictures Movies HD, FEARNet linear channel later this year Sony Pictures Movies HD sounds nice. FEARNet could be the answer to my hopes since we lost...
  20. Yes616

    Cooking Channel HD has launched

    Cooking Channel HD is now on 113 / 9447 Your dish must be aimed at 72.7° or 129° to view it.