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    Question: PVC Conduit

    As I'm looking for some time to install my new cabling, I'm wondering about protecting the cables from any errant squirrels that may find their way into my attic. We haven't really had much of a problem since we got the cat, but at one time they chewed their way through the siding, and then...
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    Anyone have experience with audio extraction technologies?

    I have an older SD-DVD 5.1 surround sound system, and I just don't want to spend the several hundred dollars to replace it with Blu-Ray. I'd also like to get my TV audio output through the sound system's speakers, even if it would just be stereo, not surround. It has HDMI and Digial Optical...
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    Question: Far out from the city, hoping to get OTA signal

    We have a house in the North Georgia mountains, closer to Chattanooga than Atlanta, and I'm hoping it can get some OTA-DTV signals. I'm a cord-cutter, and so I stream Netflix/Hulu+/Amazon/SlingTV, or I watch OTA. I don't want to install cable at the house in the mountains ($50 a month over and...