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    Need a VHF expert

    Well odd results, first putting the antenna up halved the signal I get on channel 8. Not sure if its the height or maybe from where I placed it I actually should of went back a bit on the wall. (above the green window trim would make closer to same angle its on the fence their. THinking might be...
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    Need a VHF expert

    So, since I plan to move soon and my friend who is really happy with the Antenna I installed for him. He decided to give me the EZ HD TV Antenna (which my understanding the RCA Yagi rated at 70 miles is the same antennae.) that he loaned me to try. So sense its been working good and when I move...
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    Android box with an ATSC tuner

    I am finding alot of android boxes for bargain prices with the DVB-T . couple ive found are over 150 bucks. Anyone know of any android boxes with an NTSC tuner for a reasonable price. Reason I am looking for this is I figured I could run Hulu and install Next-PVR (or equilvilent) so I could...
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    Need a VHF expert

    So I thought from my location I could get nothing. to my amazement I can get a pretty decent signal 105 miles away from Santa Cruz. :huh: watching shows consistently without a preamp from a client that loaned it to me. This antenna tested on
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    Suggestions for a good DTV tuner?

    I recently was trying for a friend out in the fringe a simple DTV box model Ematic AT103B to find with the large antenna we have half installed it just does not seem to tune right with it. I hooked up my laptop with the win-TV 850 to see the immediate difference between what the Ematic could...
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    Antenna Suggestions for Strawberry California

    At 60 ft at 40 ft I am Considering those two heights for the antenna. I am in between the decision of purchasing a master piece 100...