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  1. Cutthecable

    US AM broadcasters given FCC green light to use dynamic carrier control (DCC)

    Interesting article for those interested in shortwave and AM broadcasting. Radio World: International Broadcasters Know DCC
  2. Cutthecable

    I'm noticing an increase in Cable Cord Cutters switching to OTA

    Looks like the economic "repression" and Joe public frustration with the never ending price increases from the cable companies is hitting home. I haven't advertised locally for over three months due to helping my wife recover from a total knee replacement. But this last month I have had a lot...
  3. Cutthecable

    Yahoo cut the cable cord article stirs a lot of activity

    An article posted on the Yahoo website yesterday about cutting the cable cord for free over-the-air TV and Netflix to save $$$ is stirring up a lot of activity. :gossip: First Person: How We Cut the Cord and Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV - Yahoo! Finance
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    Comcast admits OTA antenna television taking business from them

    With the number of subscribers dropping, Comcast and Time Warner are offering lower prices for no-frills cable-TV packages in some areas, including Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Comcast has reduced the price of a package that does not include the popular ESPN network from...
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    FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making to Repurpose (steal) UHF TV Spectrum

    Firstly, I apologize if this is posed in the wrong forum. Moderators we ideally need a forum on FCC regulatory changes. People its time to submit your filing to FCC against the NPRM repurposing changes! There are only a few week or so left to file against this proposal...