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    Bank bail out?

    What do you think about the multi-billion dollar bank bail out? What effect do you feel it will have on the economy and who do you think will be next to get bailed out?
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    Who are you voting for and why?

    Encase there are posters on the forum who are not following the political campaigns, I thought it might be helpful if we gave them some insights on who to vote for. I know we are all going to have different opinions. But, a well informed voter is a better voter. Please be kind and no opponent...
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    Discovery Kids Channel

    Does your family watch the Discovery Kids Channel? This channel can be a great resource of education and entertainment for your family. It has something for every age group in your family, from pre-schoolers thru teens. What are some of your family favorites on this very versatile channel?
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    Mobile Broadband

    What are the options available now if you want to take the internet with you? We have a few free wi-fi spots in town, but a few that aren't free. I want to be able to work on my laptop while riding on trips or when I take the kids to the park. The last I checked Cingular was the only company...
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    Disney Channel

    Which shows does your family watch the most often on Disney channel? Do you find your kids watching the same episodes over and over again?
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    Coupon Corner

    In today’s economy it is more important than ever to save money where we can. One way I do that is through using coupons for my groceries. It is amazing the savings you obtain by combining coupons with the sales at your local stores. I would like to begin this thread by giving you some...
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    Direct TV for your car

    Yep, you heard me. Direct TV now has a satellite option for your car or van. It amazes me all the things that technology is coming up with. It seems only a couple of years ago, that we found out we could put t.v.'s in our cars, now we can have satellite, too. No more DVD's or video tapes getting...
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    I have a suggestion. Please don't take it the wrong way. I notice when I click on New Posts on the toolbar, I can only see a couple of new posts. Is there a way to expand the options, so we can see all new posts within the past 24 hours and/or 48 hours? I have seen it on other forums and it is...
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    CBS Soap Opera Talk

    Tell us about the soaps you love to watch and have to watch every day. You know you can't miss it. You have to record them while you work. Sneak in a peak when you are at the store. How long have you been watching the same line up and love every minute. This thread is dedicated to The Young and...
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    ABC Soaps : All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital

    Here's a place where you can talk about the soaps that you know you love. Talk about your favorite characters or your most despised ones. Who are the great actors and who are just the great bods?
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    NBC Soap Operas: Days of Our Lives, Passions

    Do we have any fans of Days of our Lives or Passions? Talk about the characters you love and love to hate. Want to talk about the current story lines. Are you glad that Kayla & Patch are back? What do you think Stefano did to their baby?
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    Do you get distracted on the road?

    I have at least three kids with me most of the time, while I am driving. I can pretty much juggle their questions and scuffles without it affecting my driving. I have seen parents turn around in their seat while driving to swat at a kid. It's funny and I guess kinda sad too, but I saw a woman...
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    Candid Camera

    Remember the old and the newer Candid Camera series? I'm old enough to remember the original series. This show had such an impact on America that it was not that uncommon when something funny happened to someone you would respond "Smile You're On Candid Camera". Some of the episodes were...
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    The Travel Channel

    What do you think about Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel? She has got to have the best job in the world. She gets to travel all over the world, eating exotic foods, staying in the best hotels all along her journey. Ah to be young and pretty. :o
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    Whatever happened to Hercules and Zena?

    My husband and I used to love to watch these shows. For different reasons of course. I liked the romance, the friendships. He liked the action, the violence.
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    TV Land

    What are some of your favorite shows on TV Land? When TV Land first came out, I thought it would be great. It would specialize in the shows we watched growing up; Andy Griffith, Bewitched, The Honeymooners, The I Love Lucy Show, etc. While it does show some shows of the past, it seems to throw...
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    Direct TV Active

    Do you use the active button on your remote? Perhaps you aren't even sure what it does? This is actually a cool little tool. When you push the active button you will have a choice of seeing your weather, horoscope, lottery, access direct tv magazine, and as a bonus you get to the a channel...
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    Kids say the darnest things

    We have all heard our kids or somebody else's kids say some of the cutest off the wall comments at times. Maybe you have even read some that you would like to share, that the rest of us would enjoy. I will start the thread off with one of mine. Please feel free to reply with your own...
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    Child Stars

    We have all seen children grow up on television shows. A few examples are Full House, Facts of Life, Growing Pains and Different Strokes. There are many others, of course. Many family oriented sit-coms have children on them in order to appeal to different age groups. I was just sitting here...
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    Yay!!! We have a reputation system. You just click on the scales to tell someone that you appreciate their post. It is a nice way to feel appreciated. For those that don't know, you can look in your User CP in the middle of the page to see the reputation comments other posters have left you. I...