1-800-531-5000, all I get is a busy signal what is going on direct?? - DirecTV

First off my previous post is no where to be found. I keep getting messages to call directv because no guide information has been recieved by my dvr box in 7 hours. I called eariler and could not get through, the prompts were slow and then when I was finally transferred I got a busy signal.

Now, I just called the customer service # above and got a busy signal, not even a computer voice. There are csr buildings all over the country and world. You mean to tell me that there is not 1 csr around to answer the phone. It is not only your guide that is messed up, but your phone bank is messed up too. 24/7, maybe but I all get is a busy signal. Please explain, are any of the call bank people wondering why they are getting no phone calls? This is unacceptable for such a large company as ATT and Directv. Do you have chat? can I chat with a csr being the only thing I get when I call is a busy signal? Hello ATT/directv is anybody out there???

This question, "1-800-531-5000, all I get is a busy signal what is going on direct??," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I just tried calling too, and i am getting the same busy signal. I tried the chat line too but that isn't working either.