1 antenna, channel works on 1 tv, not on other


On February 17th, at least two local channels (20 & 36), converted to digital broadcasting. My new Vizio HDTV picks up the new 20, but not the new 36. I did perform a channel scan after the switch over. The error I get is "NO SIGNAL" when I attempt to manually tune the Vizio to channel 36, and it's new location at 52. I am using the same DTV coax antenna input interface.

Another TV we have in the house, an older Samsung analog TV, picks up both the new 20 & 36. The Samsung analog TV had a Digital converter box added. A channel scan was also performed on this TV after the switch over. I pick up the new 36 when manually entering from the remote, both channels 36 and 52.

We are running both TV's from a single coax cable from the Antenna, which is then split to each TV. This demonstrates that there is a signal being received from the antenna, and is being picked up by the converter box hooked to the Samsung analog TV, yet the Vizio gets the error "NO SIGNAL".

Also noteworthy is that the Vizio is picking up numerous digital stations that the converter box does not, in addition to having the analog pass thru feature.

I did call Vizio TECH SUPPORT with this problem, but was not pleased with the answer I got. I was basically told that I am S.O.L. I was told that there is nothing unique to each channel in the Vizio that might warrant getting a replacement. I was also told that there is currently no solution to my problem, and that others have called in with the same issue. I am assuming then that my next door neighbor, who also uses antenna input, should not be receiving the new 36 either.... right?

Anh help is greatly appreciated.

Jason Fritz

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You're experiencing the same phenomena I had with my brand new Mitsubishi LCD TV, and an Insignia converter box...For some reason, the digital tuner in my Mitsu is weaker than the Insignia digital tuner in a different room on an old analog television set. I tested a set of bunny ears on both locations, and the Mitsu performed weaker on 3 channels. The solution for me was to get a better antenna for the Mitsu...

With sharing an antenna, there might be something you can do to boost performance. What kind of antenna is it, and does it have an amplifier?


Type of antenna???

Honestly... I'm not sure what antenna type I have. Assuming however that the converter has a better digital tuner than the Vizio, how do you explain that the Vizio receives numerous channels that the converter doesn't. Whereas the converter receives just 1 that the Vizio doesn't?

and to my knowledge, there is no amplifier installed, not between the antenna and both the converter box and Vizio.

I also noticed that the converter is having the ghostly issues with the other newly converted channel, 20, yet the Vizio seems to handle the weaker signal there ok????

I'm confused.... (sigh):confused: