I just had a Genie HR54 installed recently. I was told at the time that the device couldn't have a wired connection, nor could it have a static IP. However, the technician was not able to explain why. This came up when I mentioned that I used a static IP on my previous receiver.

I've been researching to try to find out why the IP can't be static. When someone asks, usually someone else asks them why they want it to be static in the first place.

I have about 20 devices on my home network. A few years back I had a problem with IP address conflicts, so I ended up giving everything a static IP. The DHCP lease table provided by my router wasn't helpful because most of the devices were displaying non-descriptive host names. So, I created my own Excel spreadsheet with description, IP address, and MAC address. It's come in handy many times. So, I tend to prefer for everything to have a static IP.

At this point, the Genie HR 54, the Genie mini, and one other old device are all that's left without static IPs, so it's not a huge problem.

But I'd really like to know why it's not supported - or, more importantly, what will it do to "mess things up"?

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