This question is about "I need some answers regarding with ISP", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So iv'e just recently looked throught posts on here that could have helped me find some answers but raised more questions. So to start off:

1) Modem fee
-So iv'e just noticed that i was being charged $10 fee for the wifi/modem ( Ubee/Ambit DVW32CB) that was given to me after being told that i had to upgrade my modem that i had at the time. This was like around early 2014 and I have a router that i owen that is being used that's connected to the ubee. Now while looking through here, I see that since TWC is now Spectrum that theyre not doing the rental fees. With only the internet comes out to $59 but with the fef comes out to $69.So my question is are there any certain actions I can take to mitigate this situation?

2) Internet plan
-While looking what type of internet plan I have, (ex. 100/10Mbps) the only thing i can see is that I have Extreme Speed plan. So, by the looks of things there has been changes of the plans by Spectrum? I reside in CA so im not sure if it varies state to state. I also did a speed test ; with my own router it pulls a 69downstream and with just the ubee pulls 36downstream. The upstream is a constant 5 for both. So my question is what type of speed am i supposed to be getting? lol

3) I can buy my own modem?
-I've been seeing that i can buy my own modem but there is talk that like there are troubles with firmware or that the isp arent able to give services due to not being their modem. So if i where to get a modem, what would be the best bang for the buck?

Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

This topic covered I need some answers regarding with ISP, and TWC cable internet service.