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    Default Can't get local FOX channel

    I live near downtown Cincinnati and my new DigitalStream converter box won't pick up my local FOX station (channel 19). The channel works great on the analog but I get no signal at all with the converter box. The rest of the channels are fine, even one that get really REALLY crappy reception on the analog (channel 64).

    What do I do?
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    I live almost 50 miles to the north of you and can sometimes get 19.1 on digital. The reception problem you're having might have something to do with the tall buildings in town. That and I doubt they're using the main tower to transmit the digital signal yet. Hopefuly after 2/17/09 we'll all recieve a good signal from channel 19.

    BTW, 19.2 use to be the Tube network but now there's just a message on screen that reads that the Tube network is no longer available. Hope they put another network on that sub channel on there soon. Maybe the Retro television network.

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    Missing channels in Chicago to, like Fox and other uhf stations. May need a better antenna, or maybe they haven't come on line yet, also have some channels breaking up.

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    Unhappy Problem with fox?!?!?

    We live in NB, Canada and our HD signal is down for Fox 8, sad about it because tonight is the FINALE for MasterChef!

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