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    Default Recording with old VCR and VHS tapes???

    I have a computer buddy, and when I told him I wanted to hook up the old VCR and record on the old VHS tapes, he said the recordings wouldn't be very good, because the VCR and the tapes weren't DIGITAL, but were set up to record the old ANALOG (radio signals).

    The box instructions also said that you could only record one timed recording at a time, and you would have to manually change the channel on the TV each time you wanted to record another channel and time.

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    Your VCR should record just fine if you connect your converter box to it. Here's a step by step diagram from the FCC on how to connect your VCR to your television set: Setting Up Your Digital-to-Analog Converter Box With a VCR

    In regards to only recording one channel at a time, the instructions are correct that came with your converter box. There are a couple of converter boxes on the market that will allow you to set an auto timer which will change a channel at a given time. Let us know the make and model number of your converer box, we'll look up the specs and get back to you on that particular feature.

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