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    Default Static Sound when using Converter Box

    Hey can someone help me out with my problem? It's just that whenever I'm watching anything using the Converter Box there is a static sound and theres nothing that I can do to get rid of it. When I tried muting the converter box the static sound is still there so i'm guessing its coming from my TV somehow but I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help?

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    Have you doublechecked your connections? Not sure if you're using RCA (Composite) connectors, but sometimes those cables get damaged or bent causing a bad connection.

    Someone on the forum not too long ago had he same problem...Check out this post when you get a chance: https://www.dtvusaforum.com/dtv-recep....html#post6753

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    Talking Static about static...

    If you are using the coaxial connection, try switching to the other supported channel for the converter box, one without a station.

    If your TV has a manual tuner, try tuning the channel slot away from the channel occupied by the broadcast station - If the offending station is Channel 4, and you are using Channel 3 for the converter - tune Channel 3 down. If the offending station is Channel 3, and you are using Channel 4 for the converter - tune Channel 4 up. It might clear it up. There's the issue of running into Channel 2 or 5, respectively, though.

    The problem could also be the cables - I've seen a lot of discount A/V devices that use interference-collecting hair-wire connectors like the cheap headphones do. Try swapping them for a good Monster cable.

    Last thing, it could be the TV itself. I mean, my Sony 25 inch TV is getting very old that I have to wait about 10 minutes after turning it on before I can watch anything through the coaxial connector - static and contrast fades in and out during that time. After that, it works great. No problems with the RCA cables. Hey, it brings me close to the level of a lot of folks as far as TVs go...

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    Default Static/background noise from converter box

    Aaaaaah awesome sauce thank you guys. Its the little things in life that makes a huge difference. 😄

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