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    Default Blu-ray Pictue Quality Looks Bad. Did I do something wrong?

    I connected my PS3 connected to my brand new LG 32LH30 32-Inch 1080p with an HDMI cable but it doesn't look like the Sony TV on display at the store where I bought my TV. I realize I didn't buy a Sony, but the picture looks really grainy up close, almost like really blotchy. I bought Monster cable too so I know it's not the cable.

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    If you are watching 300 then that is the way the movie was produced.

    Make sure that you are outputing 1080p to the LG from the Sony. Usually when you push the button on the remote to switch to the DVD player an information blip comes up which states the reslotion of the incoming signal.

    You dont want the Sony downscaling and then the LG upscaling the image. The beauty of Blu Ray is no image processing. Also if you have some kind of image processing (like Samsung has DNIe) or whatever, turn that off.

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    You may want to just try a different cable too. You never know, I'm sure even Monster Cable has a few flawed cables every one in a while.

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    Waste no more money on Monster products!

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    Also keep in mind the tv's that are in the store are set to a certain level for viewing. The same setup they use for the screen isn't going to necessarily work for the picture you see on your tv in your house, so you may have to play with it to get the best quality picture in your particular room.

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    maybe have to setup the Blu ray resolution in the menu, if is in 480p or 480i then change to 1080p or 1080 i, the image in 480i looks awful in an full HD television.

    well also according with the connection can be the image quality, the cables too, etc, if use video component output is that analogic HD , but if can use HDMI use HDMI.

    also if your television have HDMI 1.3 version or commonly named XV colour (color) in your television set and Blu ray enable or activate the xv colour

    HDMI 1.2 v just 8 bites information, is ok but in some color gradations can look some artifacts ,
    HDMI 1.3v (XV color) send 16 bits information to the television the color gradation look great, and get more data sent to the television. that mean more detailed images and better definition.

    well hope that can help this

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