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    Default DTVPal Converter Boxes selling cheap on eBay

    Prices have really dropped on the DTVPal on Ebay.

    Here's one that went for $32 yesterday DTVPal Digital to Analog Converter Box and Remote - eBay (item 110468264518 end time Dec-14-09 13:08:07 PST)

    I recall them selling for around $45-$50 in April 09.

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    It's worth it if you're upgrading, especially from an earlier tuner chipset like I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTNut View Post
    It's worth it if you're upgrading, especially from an earlier tuner chipset like I did.
    I picked one up in June for $28 including shipping. It was missing the audio/video cables, but to me that was no big deal.

    I can't say it's a better chip set than my Ölevia TV or my Insignia. And I have some rough VHF reception to deal with.

    But that said, over all the box is an upgrade from most other boxes. The Guide it has in it is nice. It has a feature where I think it's still quality meter but you can lock it on an RF channel and mess with an antenna.

    It's well worth $32. Wish I had of been a late coupon user and bought two of them with coupons. But I am happy with the two I have. And the Insignia sits in the box most of time only taken out when I do antenna comparisons.
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    I suspect we'll be continuing to see more on eBay and the like for a while. It's pretty much the only place to get them now.

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