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    Default What about rabbit ears with a converter box?

    Will a rabbit-ears antenna receive signal over the digital converter and convert that signal to my tv?

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    If you're asking if you can use rabbit ears as your antenna with a converter box, the answer is yes.

    If you are asking if rabbit ears can be used without a converter box then no, because rabbit ears cannot convert the digital signal to analog for your tv. That's what the converter box does.

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    Also depends on your definition of "Rabbit Ears" if it's just the 2 long antennas then those are mainly just for VHF signals, and most DTV channels are UHF. If you have a Rabbit Ears with a loop or bowtie in addition to the 2 long antennas then that would be better. Also most of the Rabbit Ears are mainly just good for about a 15 mile range from the transmit Antennas.
    But just about any existing analog antenna setup that you were using before the switch, if hooked to a converter box or TV made within the last year should pick up something.

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    Default Rabbit Ears Length Chart

    I'm not sure if you'll find this helpfull or not, but here's a link to a...
    Rabbit Ears Length Chart
    with a very "short" recommendation for UHF.

    Have a good Day !

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