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This question is about "1GB Internet Issues (Frisco, TX)", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Sorry for the long winded post but looking to see if anyone is either experiencing the same issue or could point to a possible solution.

I recently upgraded from 300/20 internet to 940/40 internet.
I could not use my own modem (Netgear CM1000) and was provided the following equipment by Spectrum:
Ubee eMTA Modem
Sagemcom Router

My equipment at home is as follows:
Router: Ubiquity Edgerouter POE 5 - 5 Gigabit RJ45 Ports
Switch: MS220-8 Gigabit POE Switch

Switch: TP-Link 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch
AP: Rukus Zoneflex R600
Server: Dell PE R510 with Intel Pro1000 Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Cable Matters - Cat6 RJ45 patch panel

All being connected by Cat6 cable & Cat6 3Ft Patch cables

Now the issue is as follows.

The technician initial came out and tested all the existing Coax cabling in my home and made some minor adjustments. He proceeded to test the speeds from the coax to his equipment and at first was getting a good down reading of around 940-980 but his upload was around 10-15.

He found it a bit odd but had no idea why this was happening but did not seem too concerned about it. We proceeded to get the Spectrum modem initiliazed and after
a couple of minutes it was verified and had a Spectrum IP.

We then tested using a laptop connected directly to the modem and we saw a speed test number of 340/40.
The laptop was an HP Elitebook 840 G3 running Windows 10 w/8GB of Ram iCore 5-6300 2.40GHz. We then tested using a different Cat6 Cable and again the speedtest.net number was 350/40. He instructed to test another machine which is a 2015 27" iMac w/8GB of Ram iCore5-4590 3.3GHz. Went to speedtest.net chose cable one as the server and the speeds showed 330/40. We then connected the Sagemcom router to the modem as he wanted to hook up his tester to one of the ports and another port to one of my test machines. We again did a test this time with modem>router>HP laptop and testing continued
showing the same numbers 330/40, 350/38, 320/38.

We then decided to bypass the Spectrum modem and use the following connection
Modem>EdgeRouter>Laptop/iMac and his testing equipment. On my machines the test continue showing mid 330/40 and his showed 945/12. He indicated sometimes it takes a while before the speeds actually come up to the expected gig speeds and there was nothing else he could think of at the time and called the visit complete.

That night using the same laptop this time connected from

modem>edgerouter>switch>laptop I tested it and I was able to get 881/40 speed and figured he was right and just took some time to get the speeds I was paying for.

Seeing the speed change in the laptop I went ahead and tested the iMac and still getting 320/40 speeds. Checked all cables and connections and went into settings
the iMac is showing gig speed at the ports, the modem showing gig speeds as well. Re-tested the same laptop that just finished getting 881/40 and again back down to 340/40. The next day I called into Spectrum spoke to someone with their troubleshooting team and they indicated they saw an issue with something in the modem (read problems) and would require another visit to fix it.

The technician came out and ran some test and indicated everything was fine and proceeded to test the coax with his testing device. He then indicated since he was getting the correct speeds of 940/40 that was as far as he could take it. He did call another tech on the phone and he verified a couple of things but did not quite catch what they were doing. He mentioned he could give me another modem if I wanted that but he did not think that was the issue. New Modem was given and setup but no changes in speeds. Randomly without any rhyme or reason from any given devices I run the test from I am able to get over 330/40. There are times the server can connect over 750/40, the laptop 815/40, and other computers in the house 881/40. I've also ran test using iperf3 testing two-way communication by flipping the roles of the utilities and still not seeing anything over 350 in bandwidth (for those interested the test I've ran is iperf -c ip address -t 10 -P 10) this would kick off a ten second test with maximum througput to the source server. The -P parameter
run ten worker threads to push the performance test to the max.

So technically I can see the speeds are there at times regardless of the equipment, cables, devices, etc. It almost seems as though there is a bottleneck or throttling happening at some point. Also in case anyone does ask these test were performed at different times and days. I usually run about 3 test per device choosing different servers (Cable One, Spectrum etc.) I run them early in the morning, midafternoon and late nights. This way I can account for maybe high use by others in the neighborhood.

To me the test times do not seem to matter as the numbers are constant except for those times I've seen the actual speeds. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.

1GB Internet Issues (Frisco, TX)?