1nd attempt to post about a missing channel - Time Warner TV

This question is about "1nd attempt to post about a missing channel", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I talked to a sales person on the phone and we upgraded our triple play to the "Triple Play Select" which includes 1133 Animal planet (along with the non hd ones). All the packages include that.

After we agreed to upgrade to this triple play and add a DVR all the problems started. They were supposed to ship us a DVR, but shipped a new modem instead. So after 30 minutes on the phone, I had to drive across town and switch it for a DVR. Then I got home, hooked it up, and the 1st channel I tried (my favorite, the one the sales person said is included and 5 places on their site also shows it included) 1133 tells me to call to purchase this. After 2 more calls, they all agreed it should be there, they had me/them do complete reboots, etc. Still no 1133. Then my 4th or 5th call the tech tells me its a Tier 1 package and I need to spend ANOTHER 12.99 to get what all of them, and 4 places on their site shows 1133 included in the package we all verified I had. She started to argue with me, and 'showed me' by 'turning on 'Tier 1" and 1133 worked, Then she turned it off, and the discussion continued. Now (6 hours later) I said I wanted to talk to a manager, and she got on the line. At 1st she also said it was and extra 12.99 then she changed her tone and said 'you are right its included in your package.' Then of course I got disconnected (after a 1 hr call) and when I called back, I basically had to start all over. The lady I talked to said '1133 is included in the package I have and she doesn't know why they said I had to buy Tier 1 for 12.99.' She said she will 'escelate it' and it should be working soon. Now, 6 1/2 hrs later, still doesn't work. BUT 3 of my neighbors all get it!!!! So NOW what do I do? 5 out of 6 of them said its included. I made snapshots of the channel lineups on their site to prove it, and the supervisor, and the last lady I talked to said 'yes, its there listed in your package.' HOW do I get them to give me what their site shows in multiple places, their people almost all said should be included (except the rudest one, when I was even tempered, and tried to ask her to look at the list on the site). Now I am totally ticked off and have no Animal planet (one of my top favorites), spent more money, and literally wasted the whole day trying to fix this fiasco???

ANY help would be greatly appreciated

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