1st you pulled tivo support, now chromecast?!?



I'm a TIVO user. I pay for xfinity, and you raise my fees all the time. First, you removed TIVO support for VOD and do not for a SECOND give me a line about imcompatibility and security. You are constantly developing new technology, servicing TIVO through VOD is not a massive investment. You chose not to invest. Fine, but that reflects on YOU not TIVO. I figured, fine.... I used VOD extensively, but I'll use it on my laptop and cast it to my TV. An extra step, sure, but whatever.
As of last week, this does not work. When you cast, the video freezes. I've gone through troubleshooting, so also please do not tell me "please connect with us privately to troubleshoot" which is your way of avoiding us publicly talking about this.
The irony is the only way I can now watch shows that I ALREADY PAY FOR is to torrent them. Its fast, easy and seamless. I spent three hours yesterday trying to make the xfinity service, again, that I PAY FOR work, and gave up. And frankly, I've stuck with you guys through a lot, but we're approaching the end. Diminishing returns, rising costs? How is that a business plan?

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