2 questions about remote - XFinity

This question is about "2 questions about remote", with XFinity-Comcast television equipment. Question 1.
I use Comcast remote for their cable box all the time (switch channels, look at Guide/programming, etc) and not the remote that came with my TV.
Question for people with new TV, say Samsung 50" of 2015 and 2016:
these TVs present brand new type of remote "smart remote" with touchpad taht looks like this:
I plan to buy such new TV but looks like I would not need that new remote as I use Comcast one all the time. Am I right?

Question 2. How people turn TV on and off?
I really use my TV's remote, but only to turn TV on and off -
because if I want say to trun TV on using Comcast cable box remote then I need to switch it first to "TV" from "Cable", only then press "Power", and then switch it to "Cable" again - am I right or I miss something in Comcast remote functionality?

This topic covered 2 questions about remote, and XFinity - Comcast cable tv service.