2 year anniversary going OTA


I first found this site 2 years ago while starting our search for going OTA as our Comcast bill was going north of $150/mo and we were not watching 99% of the 200+ channels.

I have to says thanks to all the guys who offered info on getting started, antennas and general advice. In the past 2 years we have easily saved over $2400 by dropping cable TV. Yeah the internet cost went up but it's still a $100+ saving every month.

With two antennas in the attic we get 27 OTA channels. All 3 TVs have small HTPCs connected so between OTA, Amazon Prime, Hulu, our PlayOn subscription (with some nice scripts added) and what else I can find on the web, most of our watching needs are met. Have 8Tb of NAS so all our movies, TV shows and music are available to any room in the house to any device that can connect to our network.

We do miss the Golf Channel but in a pinch my brother lets me use his Comcast login in to watch it on the web at our house.

I visit a lot of computer and A/V forums and when I run across posts about OTA I always reply directing folks here for good info.



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"DTV been very, very good to me."

I think it's been 5 years here since I last paid DirecTV their monthly $75. We had an aging Sanyo 32" CRT TV so I got my 2 government coupons, bought DTV 2 converters and a U75r from Radio Shack, and connected it to the wiring DirecTV left me. Total investment was $50. Result was over $4000 in savings, and I now get 40 OTA channels.

I've spent some of that "savings" on new TV sets (Including the 52" for the living room, 32" for the bedroom, and a small set for each of the kids.) 2 years ago, I bought 2 Roku players. I pay $40 a month for broadband, and I now pay $8 for Netflix. Since I was paying for internet anyway, it's really just an $8 monthly expense for all the TV I can consume. I can watch almost everything I was paying DirecTV for - and more.

I've helped hundreds of people get the Pay TV monkey off their back here at DTVusa, on my blog, or just talking to people I know or meet. Free OTA TV has been a godsend for many people during this "Great Recession" - nobody I know has had a raise in 4 years. I've been able to help people to give themselves a raise of $50-$150 a month.


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Im glad I can help people go OTA, even if they are on the other side of the world... Free is good, no matter where you are...
I'll be in a similar situation in a few years. In 2015, the Philippines goes digital. Currently using the US NTSC analog standard, it will transition to the Japanese ISDB-T system. Digital television in the Philippines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I have family ties and friends there and expect to be giving advice on the conversion soon. Unfortunately, there are no sites there similar to TVfool or RabbitEars to make it easier! My wife's family is there and cable is not an option for most of them. Currently most channels are using VHF, also. It will mean new antennas, new TV sets and/or converter boxes for them - and this is a place where per capita income is ~$2000 (US).

If I can play this right, however, I can teach my relatives to construct bow-tie antennas for sale so they can have an income!