2013 Oscars: Appalling host; Lacking Memorium segment; and flak over Michelle Obama?


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
These days criticism is everywhere. We live in a world where every day we are judged. Lately, the media has been swarming over stories related to the Oscars that aired over a week ago. Is it all justified? That's up to the individual to decide.

The first round of critique came in waves even as the telecast was airing. Host Seth MacFarlane irritated almost everyone it seems. I must admit I hated The Boob Song and felt it was out of place and inappropriate. As the night continued, others objected to various statements and supposed comedic lines.

Then there was the Red Carpet issue surrounding Anne Hathaway's gown. I'll leave that to Joan Rivers and those dealing with fashion etiquette to debate. Personally, I don't care who the designer was or that it had a square shape to it.

I was more bugged by the exclusion of certain performers from the In Memoriam segment. That said, it seems like every year someone is left out. Arguably, the most glaring omissions were Andy Griffith and Larry Hagman. I don't buy the argument that they were more well known for their TV work which, though true, does not negate their contributions in the movie world.

Finally, there is the flack over Michelle Obama's participation in the final award of the evening for Best Picture. In a surprise appearance from the White House, the First Lady announced the winner live. Why not? She and her hubby are part of a new world where media is ever present in their lives and as the leaders of the land, they've both appeared on non-news programs. Nancy Reagan appeared on a sitcom, Bill Clinton played the sax on a talk show, so why not Michelle Obama on the Oscars. As she has stated, they watch movies at the White House, too. It's certainly no worse than Barbara Bush's dog Millie writing a book about what went on in the Oval Office.