2014 NFL Draft to Air May 8

The 2014 NFL Draft will be shown on ESPN and the NFL Network on May 8th, 2014. The draft will take place over the course of three days and will be held at Radio City Music Hall located in NYC, NY. 2014 marks the first time that the league is holding the event in early May vice late April in order to help facilitate scheduling conflicts at the venue. As a result, the 79th NFL Draft will see the May time frame become the “new” target window for the draft to be held in future years for franchise to select eligible football players.

Draft Information for the 2014 NFL Draft

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When: May 8th- 10th, 2014
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York City
Television Networks: ESPN, NFL Network

How to Watch the 2014 NFL Draft

For professional football fans, there are two ways to watch the 2014 NFL draft: 1 – On ESPN, or 2 – On the NFL Network. Not all cable and satellite network providers carry the NFL Network; however, so it is advisable to confirm whether or you not you get the channel well before May 8th so that you don’t miss any of the action!

Will Johnny Football Be the First Overall Pick?

A common question that is coming up across all of the NFL Mock Drafts that you will find online is whether or not Johnny Football will be the first, overall pick of the NFL Draft? The short answer, is that most do not believe he will be. If anything, Johnny Football might not even be the first quarterback taken in the draft! Most of the mock drafts online have Blake Bortles (UCF) being taken ahead of Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina) going as the first defensive player in the draft. Another quarterback that may also get picked ahead of Johnny Football is Derek Carr from Fresno State. If this occurs, then Johnny may very well find himself going in the second or third round of this year’s draft! We will have to wait for May 8th to see for sure, but something to keep in mind as you get ready to follow this year’s NFL draft.

What is the Draft Order for 2014?

The following is the draft order for the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. Each team's record, winning percentage, and playoff record is listed (where applicable). Picks in subsequent rounds of the draft may change based on trades, etc.

1 Houston Texans 2–14 .559
2 St. Louis Rams (from Washington) 3–13 .516
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 4–12 .504
4 Cleveland Browns 4–12 .516
5 Oakland Raiders 4–12 .523
6 Atlanta Falcons 4–12 .553
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4–12 .574
8 Minnesota Vikings 5–10–1 .512
9 Buffalo Bills 6–10 .520
10 Detroit Lions 7–9 .457
11 Tennessee Titans 7–9 .504
12 New York Giants 7–9 .520
13 St. Louis Rams 7–9 .551
14 Chicago Bears 8–8 .465
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 8–8 .469
16 Dallas Cowboys[tie] 8–8 .484
17 Baltimore Ravens[tie] 8–8 .484
18 New York Jets 8–8 .488
19 Miami Dolphins 8–8 .523
20 Arizona Cardinals 10–6 .531
21 Green Bay Packers 8–7–1 .453 WC
22 Philadelphia Eagles 10–6 .453 WC
23 Kansas City Chiefs 11–5 .445 WC
24 Cincinnati Bengals 11–5 .480 WC
25 San Diego Chargers 9–7 .496 Div
26 Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis) 11–5 .484 Div
27 New Orleans Saints 11–5 .516 Div
28 Carolina Panthers 12–4 .494 Div
29 New England Patriots 12–4 .473 Conference Championship
30 San Francisco 49ers 12–4 .494 Conference Championship
31 Denver Broncos 13–3 .469 Lost Super Bowl
32 Seattle Seahawks 13–3 .490 Won Super Bowl
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