NFL: 2014 Super Bowl Media Day

So, we just had the 2014 Super Bowl Media Day. I think it was a mix of good, bad, and in-different. The Broncos YouTube video feed is here:

Of course as compared to the > 4 hours of Peyton Manning participation, Marshawn Lynch made the news for the Seattle Seahawks by speaking for a whopping 6.5 minutes! I guess when you get fined 50K for not speaking, makes you very verbose!
And here is the Marshawn Lynch interview from the 2014 Super Bowl Media Day:
Yeah, I forget how high he was ranked in his Stanford class, but I think it was pretty high up there and he graduated with honors. I listened to an interview with his Dad today that was pretty neat. I think we'll just see that he was being a little cocky and far from a thug.
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