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    Default Do you think tv programming is an art or a science?

    Interested to hear some opinions on the matter.

    Really excellent post over at the CableU Confidential blog on the topic:

    TV Programming: An Art or a Science? | CU Confidential

    I guess I agree with the author ...

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    My husband works in programming for our city's cable company. So I would say it would have to be a combination of both. He does the artistic side of the programming with the tv shows and all, but his second in command is the engineer who is extremely vital in making sure that everything works just right to bring out on tv.

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    It is an art and a science, coupled with a little marketing strategies. It cannot be really categorized specifically to one type, as it is after all a combination of a variety of skills.

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    It's definitely an art and science, Sociological science. Anyone who does tv programming has to know what the audience wants to watch, and that to me is the artistic part of the job.

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