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    Angry Suddenly lost sound on 2 channels

    I am just outside of denver (zip 80601) and have been using my magnavox dtv converter box for about 4 months now. I have been getting WONDERFUL reception with all available channels for my area. However about 3 or 4 days ago I suddenly lost sound completely on 2 channels... kdvr(fox)channel 31 and abc channel 7. The video is still coming in perfectly... am not sure why or what I should do!? IT is so frustrating because these are the 2 channels i watch the most. Any suggestions or similar situations?? Thanks... Mandi.

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    Make sure you haven't switched the audio on Fox and ABC to a sub channel. In other words make sure the sound on these channels is set for English and not French or Spanish.

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    This only occurs on 2 channels, not all the rest of them? Not all of the rest of them? I think 1inxs might have it pegged. If that doesn't work...You may also want hit the "Mute" button on your converter box remote a couple of times, or try increasing the volume too.

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    Default figured it out

    ok so per your posts i checked the remote and there is a tiny button that says audio under it. I pushed it and the sound came back. WHOA - how bout that?? hahaha. I don't know that I would have even seen that button if you guys hadn't said something. Thanks so much! I don't understand what the button actually does but it worked.

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