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I got a message on my tv screen that no guide info has been downloaded, recieved, whatever, for the last 4 hours and to call directv. That is when it started. The prompts are not prompt or working properly. You say billing and you sit there for 3-4 minuets before the robot comes on and say ok I'll transfer you. You finally get transferred and all you get is a busy signal. The same thing if you say tech support. Hello? What gives. Billing and tech support both can't be busy at the same time and you never get a busy signal. You get music and up and coming payper views sports stuff and then an apology and to please still hold.

What seems to be the problem? Is everyone on a break at the same time or did you all walk off the job. Considering the fact that there are customer service centers all over the world, you think you would be able to speak to a person. Not so sure about directv anymore. Any insight would help. I get the guide issue, ok fix it already, but when I get a message to call directv and get a busy signal regardless of what department I ask for, that is ridiculous.

Please get the call centers and prompts working properly again.
Thank you,

This question, "24/7 support? then why am Getting a buy signal?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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