Question: 24: Does end of series usher in the twilight of continuing dramas?

Does the end of 24 mean the end of continuing dramas is upon us?

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Although I'm a fan who watched 24 throughout its eight-season run and will watch the Jack Bauer adventure on the big screen, I have to admit that after Season 5 it did lose its cachet of being innovative and unpredictable. It became repetitive and somewhat implausible - I mean, c'mon, for a federal agency tasked to fight terrorists, CTU certainly has porous security! - and by Season Seven the show was trapped by its own once-fresh format.

Nevertheless, 24 obviously inspired many producers and writers to jump on the continuing-story format and abandon episodic dramas, or at least reduce the older format to second-grade citizenship in TV Land. Viewers got seriously into J.J. Abrams' Lost, which then was followed by such dramas as FlashForward and V, a re-imagined version of a 1983 miniseries which originally aired on NBC.

However, FlashForward was not able to sustain its audience, partly because there was a long hiatus between its fall premiere and its return in March (a bad move by ABC) and partly because it just went...nowhere.

Now that 24, Lost and FlashForward are gone, do you believe the twilight of continuing dramas (at least on over-the-air networks) is upon us?