29501 zip, West Florence downed circuit - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "29501 zip, West Florence downed circuit", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Verified intermittent internet last couple hours for several households from roughly the Delmae area up towards 5-points along Cashua and parts of 2nd Loop. Having to use the phone's data for now.

Call center is congested and you will have extended wait times before someone actually comes on the line. While on the phone with a rep, he got notice they have narrowed it to a downed segment and are working on it, but no ETA for recovery. Hopefully the automated attendent will start notifying of the neighborhood outages soon and reduce the call queues.

Modems may come online briefly for 5 minutes or less several times before they sign off on the repairs. Until the modem is online with normal light patterns for a good 15 minutes, anticipate it may go offline randomly until callbacks confirm recovery is complete.

I will post back here once I receive my callback for the 2nd Loop/Cashua area.

29501 zip, West Florence downed circuit?
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